Child endangerment... or well, maybe not.

So, I just bought a bottle of tylenol gelcaps…
And it had the tamper proof seal… but the actual cap is flip off.

No pushing down & turning, no lining up the arrows, no squeezing in the sides - Just pull the lid off and there are the pills. Which is convenient, I guess.

Did they just decide that the childproof thing wasn’t working and parents were responsible for keeping these out of their kids’ hands? Or are these placebos, so it doesn’t matter how much some kid happens to swallow? Or?


If you look at the box, it probably has some notification saying it’s an easy off cap (probably also a warning).

I would assume it’s made for arthritis sufferers.

[/wag alert]

I believe Sue’s WAG is right. I always have to search for easy-open medicine bottles for my arthritic mother.

Now if you could just tell me where to find gelcaps in NON-extra strength, I’d be grateful. The kids can’t swallow regular tablets and all the capsules/gelcaps/coated tablets I’ve seen are extra-strength, which is about 150 mg. too much for my size children.

you’re right - there it is in black type on red… so it is barely visible (all the other type is white or bright yellow.)

I’ve never seen one before - I just kind of grabbed the bottle off the shelf.

I did notice that there were multiple kinds and forms of extra strength and no normal (regular) strength on the shelf…