Child molesting priest goes to jail. For only 30 days!

WTF? 30 days? That’s only about two days per kid. Wow, that’ll be a huge deterrent… Even if you only count the one he was convicted of, 30 days is still an abomination.

Yeah, no shit.

He’s butt old. Maybe prison wouldnt have done crap( he’d probably spend all the time in the hospital) Instead, when he’s dead, I think his entire estate should go to the victims. Sounds like he got nothing though, that sucks.

His butt old ass should have died in prison.

(But, to keep with all things Biblical, I am sure it was 30 nights too.)

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If making him spend his last days in a prison hospital is the best we can do, we should do it. Beats having him walk around polluting the same air non-molesters have to breathe.

As far as his estate…fine the hell out of him now. Let him try and get a real job with the molestation conviction on his permanent record.

Interested readers might wish to check this story out. It covers the intial plea agreement…


Just curious, how does one register as a sex offender? Is there a special line at the DMV or something?

Actually, one moseys on down to the local PD and signs up. Then, they put 'em in a database that anyone in the are can come in and access, for free. It will give you the address of said offender as ZIP+4, I believe.

That’s how we found out there was one living down our hill, in extremely close proximity to two day care centers and a grammar school. Nice work, fellas.

Did it say what sex crime these fellows were convicted of? IIRC, in some places, indecent exposure (mooning, or being caught doing it in a car) can get you on those lists.