Child singer from a year or so back

I remember hearing a song sung by a boy of about 11 or so, it had a country sound to it and parts of it were about kids going without food and such. They played it in the movie theater frequently while they do the slides before the previews started. Anyway, there is a fairly popular alternative rock song that gets played on the radio an awful lot that sounds very much like it - the melody for the verse part is almost identical, and parts of the chorus are the same as well.

Does anyone know the name of the song and/or singer from the first song? I know I’ll be able to find out the name of the newer song that sounds very similar to it from listening to the radio, but if anyone knows which one I’m talking about let me know.

Uhm… One Voice was Heard by Billy Gilman?

Yes, that’s the song. Now I need to remember the name of the song that sounds so much like it…maybe it’s by Staind, not sure. I know it repeats the phrase ‘Wasting my time’ in the chorus.

Found it, it’s ‘Wasting my Time’ by Default.

Anyway, those two songs sound an awful lot alike.


You named He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!

The evil spawn from Rhode Island (no, not Euty).