Chili Peppers rip-off Gang of Four?

The Chili Peppers’s song “Can’t Stop” sounds like they’ve ripped-off a Gang of Four song. Any Gang of Four fans who can tell me if my ears are deceiving me?

I’ve not heard “can’t stop”. Is this a new one?

Flea has admitted to being a major GoF fan, so I would suspect there might be a bit of emulation going on.

It’s on the radio & MTV now, so I assume it’s new. Flea being a GoF fan makes sense, then, 'cos it really sounds like them. I’ve been meaning to dig out my records. It sounds really familiar. But that’s probably just me. Thanks.

I heard the last end of this song the other day. It did have sort of a GoF “anthrax” or “damaged goods” feel to it.

i thought that it was a toned down version of “give it away”

I have to go with Seven on this one, but I’ll listen closer next time it’s on. (I still need to dig out those GoF records…)

I would imagine GoF had a large influence.


Has anyone else noticed the great backing vocals on this album?

Re: Flea as Gang of Four fan: In my reissue CD of Entertainment!, Flea wrote one helluva long, sloppy lovefest liner note to GoF -

He also mentions how Andy Gill influenced many great bands including Fugazi and Jane’s Addiction, who employed Dave Navarro as their guitarist. RHCP fans will recognize Dave as RHCP’s guitarist on One Hot Minute.

:smiley: The parallels are creepy… Can we get an exorcist in here? :smiley: