Chimera is a social justice warrior

A few days ago Chimera made this post.

The following day the New York Times ran an interesting story.

When I saw Chimera’s post it seemed iffy to me, however there was enough ambiguity that I wasn’t sure Chimera was personally calling out anyone on social media based on anything other than information right there on an individual’s social media profile. What was less clear was if the impression of the advice that was being given to others might lead to the risk of misidentifications (and possibly mob mentality). Thank you Chimera, for clearing up that ambiguity today. I recommend nobody here heed your advice. And if you want to play it off as a harmless goof, well you could have riffed without making into the exact mindset that has gotten innocent folks harassed and fired.

You use the term social justice warrior as if it is a bad thing. What do you have against social justice?

I’m more of a social justice worrier myself.

Thank you for this pitting, my very first.

I will wear that term with pride.

I do indeed fight for justice. Because justice doesn’t exist in this universe, but the beauty of being Human is that we can conceive of Justice and we can create it in our world.

This is like saying, “You oppose MRAs? Why don’t you like men’s rights?”

Or, why do you oppose “state’s rights, heritage, freedom, family values, liberty,” the Patriot Act, etc.?

Plenty of good-sounding things can have bad connotations.

There’s a difference – SJW is used as a slur, and only a slur. There aren’t self-identified SJWs (except in jest, perhaps). MRA is used by people who advocate for what they consider men’s rights that are lacking – it’s their identifier. Same with states’ rights and other political signifiers.

It’s like the difference between alt-right and alt-left. Alt-right is a real term that’s used by alt-right people to describe themselves. They came up with it. Alt-left is a made up term that some on the right have used to disparage liberals/progressives that they find extreme or otherwise distasteful.

Why not take the photos? Isn’t that what cameras are for? Who knows, you might win a Pulitzer prize.

If I go to the next event I’m bringing my camera, but I’m using my 135mm lens. Don’t plan on getting too close.

Hey, make sure to get good face shots of the guys in the middle of the pack too, not just the screaming jackasses on the edges.

Only if the people who are those things allow them to be used that way. I am a proud liberal. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. But some people use it as an epithet.

Religion is all fun and games until we get the inquisition, witch trials, crusades, and other atrocities led by overly corrupt, psychopathic zealots who use a movement of “purity” for bad reasons. Social justice is the 21st century religion of the far left. It’s not about justice. It’s about shifting power structures.

Yeah, to me this is basically starting a pit thread saying that I’m a Good Guy and you somehow mean it as a bad thing. :smiley:

Says the guy who is getting all nervous because the Nazis and White Supremacists are being called out as the shitbags they are. :rolleyes:

Perhaps the crazy version of “social justice” that lives in the fantasies of right-wing radio hosts (along with a very, very small number of actual liberals), but maintsream “social justice” is the platform of MLK Jr., LGBTQ rights activists, reproductive rights activists, and nothing about atrocities like the ones you mention.

Ruining lives and physically attacking people due to not being “virtuous” enough is happening in real life land, iiandyiiiii.

For being Nazis, for being White Nationalists, you twat.

SJW is supposed to be an insult by right-wingers that doesn’t work very well because those insulted consider it a badge of honor.

LAME insult and even LAMER pitting.

I know perfectly well what the issue is here, according to a pack of online “detectives” I was involved in one way or another (up to actual perpetrator) in a double murder and rape. Ironically enough, albeit not unexpectedly, as a consequence of speaking out against using social media as a means of dispensing justice.

Some like to call it the “Court of Public Opinion”, I think it’s more akin to good old mob “justice” (I know, lot’s of quotation marks) or witch hunting.

The problem with online mobs, of any stripe, is that unlike a real mob each individual member is largely unaware of the impact of their actions, one runs his mouth spouting some nonsense in earnest or in jest on some topic, the next one passes it around as speculation, next one down the line pushes it as unverified rumor, the next as “I heard from a reliable source” and before you know it everyone knows for a fact that the original hot air is rock solid information… possibly even the first person in the chain who sees his BS validated by “independent” sources.
Then, of course the other problem is that the targets of, shall we say, amateur sleuths are left without recourse or redress, once something is out there it sticks, the truth be damned.

Moral of the story, don’t encourage or join online mobs.

Yes, in a tiny fraction of the amount that gay people, people of color, women, etc., are being harmed by the lack of “virtue” in society and those with power.

Except when they are not Nazis or White Nationalists, yay for “justice”, right?

And Kyle Quinn is just regrettable collateral damage?