Chimera is a social justice warrior

Don’t all NAZI’S have an unalienable right to privacy? They should start using it.

Kyle Quinn isn’t a Nazi.

Ah yes, this is PRECISELY how it starts.

First guy shoots mouths off…

Nope, that one is just flat out wrong.

If I were a grammar Nazi, I’d point out that the plural of Nazi doesn’t require an apostrophe. :smiley:

The phrase people of color is so dumb. But I digress.

So that makes it alright iiandyiiii?

To ‘out’ actual Nazis and White Supremacists for what they are? Damned straight.

No, bad behavior should be criticized. The violence of last weekend was overwhelmingly the fault of the white supremacists, but those very few non-white-supremacists who assaulted any peaceful protesters (assuming there were any) should be criticized. The vast majority of criticism should go to the nazis and white supremacists.

If you are arguing that exposing actual Nazis is wrong because someone very unfortunately was hurt by idiots, then surely, based on the history of wrongdoing to black people in this country, you’ve spent your life protesting the profiling, false arrests and stop-and-frisk policies against them on the same grounds, correct?

Well, yeah. His life isn’t ruined. He just got misidentified for a bit. The mistake was made public, and things are fine for him now. It’s regrettable that he got caught up in it for a bit.

Yes, a bit of misidentification that gets cleared up quickly is worth it. Why wouldn’t it be? These are evil people, who are being fought using speech. Doxxing someone is free speech. If they want to do this stuff out in public, then getting public consequences is perfectly acceptable.

That someone gets misidentified is unfortunate. Which is why we should try not to do that. But to use that as an excuse to sit on our hands and do nothing is ridiculous.

The law can’t do anything about this, so we can’t wait on that. So we use the justice we can legally mete out.

What is supposed to be wrong with that? Do you say that the fact that sometimes someone goes to jail unnecessarily for a few days until that’s cleared up means that police shouldn’t do what they do?

Some of them are from the right.

Oh, and if you don’t want to come off as defending Nazis, you might not want to come in using a defense that would let them get away with being Nazis without consequence.

Oh, and I believe Bricker can’t see what I’ve said. If you agree with me, feel free to quote me.

Every time I think I can like Bricker again, I see him do something that demonstrates his lack of actual morals. Just got to find the excuse that attacks the liberal good guys.

I don’t think Chimera was jesting. Just sayin’.

I may have been laughing when I wrote it, but I was not joking.

Not that there’s anything wrong with it!

Yeah I’m sure you prefer the term “colored people”.

“If 10 guys thinks it’s ok to hang with 1 Nazi then they just became 11 Nazis. Alt right / white supremacist it’s just nazis. Fuck Nazis.” - Chris Rock

I suspect there are other terms they prefer even more.

What a bizarre and idiotic position to take - equating false arrests with mistakes in ‘outing’ Nazis. The two wrongs don’t make a right line doesn’t even come close to what you suggest. What you suggest is since one or more bad things happen who cares if another bad thing happens, you’re ‘right’ more often than wrong.


This whole Charlotte thing has brought out some serious crazies on all sides of the issue.