China to lob some dude into space.

Apparently, China are just about ready to launch their first manned space mission. Possibly as soon as late next week. Pretty cool news, I thought.

As long as cue scary music their intentions are peaceful.

[cold war paranoia] They’re going to drop those gross roasted ducks they have in Chinatown on our heads from orbit! AIEE! [/cold war paranoia]

I’m sorry, roast duck is ‘gross’? Now that’s one I’ve never heard before.

Did you know that the Chinese astronaut will be the only object in space visible from the Great Wall?

Did someone in the Space Station order out?

“China to lob some dude into space”…what, are they going to use Elbonian Airways?

I hear that this is just to see if they can do it.

The second time, they’ll see if they can bring the guy back.

I would just like to say that I truly did laugh out loud at the thread title.

Lob is such a wonderful word.

Duke - HA!!