Choose your stage name/band name

Steve Stagename and the Pseudonyms

The band name I made up was:
Hamsterjam (I discovered it while trying to say Amsterdam when I was highly inebriated), and I tried to convince a friend of mine in a band to name his band that, but he wasn’t impressed.

My band will be called “Not David Bowie”.

Who’s playing tonight? Not David Bowie.

Who’s that on the stage? Not David Bowie.

I demand my money back! I thought David Bowie was playing. Sir, the sign clearly says that tonight’s band is Not David Bowie.

I am a member of a band called Next Month’s Smack. If we ever make it big, I’m thinking that Wal-Mart will not carry our CDs. Oh well.

Testiclees and the Men of Mighty Girth! for the good ol’ hard rock.
Skullfucking your Grandmother would be for my Savage Garden cover band.

Matching Lamps was a band I was in in college. We did not play instruments or sing, just wrote song and album titles. Example: “Who Ate My Hoagie”, off the album Cheap Pine Panelling.

Oddly we did not have stage names, but I would offer “Steve Speedvegas” as my first choice.

My best friend was in a band in the 80s called Bruised and Stupid, and they had a local university radio hit with, “You have Fun, I’ll sit in the Car.”

More (well, slightly) to the point of the OP, said friend started a 70s cover band recently, and I suggested his stage name should be “Slade Brownsville.”

I suppose I would call my fantasy band either “Obturation Pad,” or “Windage.” Our first album would be “Quadrant Elevation,” with the hit single “Barrel Droop.”

My experiences here are the same as Rubicon’s. All we did was make up album and song names. Our band was The Tapdancing Jesuses (guess where that’s from!)

Album titles were things like A Nip in the Air playing off of of of (of enough?) one of Floyd’s titles, and one of our faves - A.M. Wintery Mix

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, A Nip in the Air was the Floyd title. Huh. Our idea was A Chink in the Armor.:wally

ive had a few stage names:

les payne

heavy v

fontaine labourgeois

couple more:

red gravy

perry stalsis

good band name:

cement neck

Johnny Vomit and the Heaves.

Check out our hit singles, “I Thought I Loved You (But It Was Only Indigestion)”, and “You’re My Porcelain Goddess” off of our debut album Everytime I Puke.

Short Yellow Bus

My stagename at times has been Miss Ann Thrope. At times it has also been Miss Ann Dree.

I had a fantasy rock band in the high school era of my life.
It was an eclectic group, representing the various musical disciplines which contribute to modern rock…and we had stage
costumes and personnae to match:

DICE (50s doo-wop and early rock&roll)-vocals and acoustic guitar
CHIC (classical)-lead guitar
BOOTS (country&western)-rhythm guitar
ZOOT (big band era)-bass guitar
SUAVE (jazz)-keyboards
SPIKE(Heavy metal, punk)-percussions


Sadly, existing only in my mind.

I was in a project once called Byzantine Song Cycle. Bad band, but weird name.

There was a duo in Charleston back in the day called The Urban Lumberjacks. I’m kinda fonda that one.

I’ve always thought if I had a band it would be called Junket to Cairo. The first album? Vindaloo in da loo.

Don’t ask why.

I actually named a band. They’re called “Mom’s Idea.” I’m not IN the band, I just came up with the name, and my sister told them about it and they liked it. So there ya have it; I’ve named a band.

Now, MY band would be called “The Children.” My stage name would be “Oscar Material.”

I always wanted to name my band “The Glorious June 15th People’s Revolution Twenty-Eight Piece Orchestra, Clog Dancing Mime Troupe and Furniture Moving Company,” but it doesn’t fit on the jewel case insert.

Storm Thundergroin and the Axis of Evil
The Um Louts

I always wanted to name a bandThird Monkey after an expression a professor I had in college used to say, “He’s as nervous the third monkey on the gangplank of Noah’s Ark, and it’s starting to rain.”

The Band:

The Plastic Jesus

The Stage Name: