Christmas Eve with Lio

I don’t know how many of you read the comic strip Lio, by Mark Tatulli, but for those of you wondering where the little boy’s mother is, today’s strip answered the question.

Totally unexpected (he’s been shopping all week) and truly touching.

It brought a tear to my eye. Today would have been my mother’s 77th birthday.

The link takes me to a strip called Stone Soup. Am I doing something wrong?

Ok, I searched the site and got there eventually. Touching. This is one of my favorite comics, but not one I see every day.

Maybe a better link:

It is touching. Lio does this sometimes…usually it’s about a kid who could be Wednesday Addams’s slightly weirder cousin, but occasionally Tatulli puts up something that almost makes you mist up.

The most amazing thing about Lio, though, to me, is that it’s the same writer/artist that does Heart of the City.

Aw, thanks for the heads up, I’m glad I read that. Normally I read it during the week in my Chicago Tribune subscription, but I’m away today for the holiday.

I don’t get it. Sorry, I don’t read the comic but I want to know what’s going on (cause I’m nosy like that). The mom’s the reindeer in the window? One of the women chatting in the doorway?

The OP has the wrong link. There’s a good one in a later post.


It’s his Mother’s tombstone.