Lio (comic strip) 10/7

Anyone get this strip today?

I mean, I ‘think’ that it is refrencing Zits, somehow, and apparently, its trying to imply that Zits appears on the Comics page below Lio.

Only in the AJC it doesn’t.

Wie Gibt’s ?

I guess Lio was going to feed his monster, discovered that he was missing via the extradimensional hole in the floor (which of course is how monsters travel from strip to strip-this one probably lived underneath Calvin’s bed at one time), had gone to Jeremy’s room, and ate him.

You’re exactly right: the monster went into the strip underneath and ate the Zits kid. The artist cleverly got around the fact that these two strips may not appear next to each other by drawing it to look like two daily strips next to each other.

Okay, does Lio’s Monster appear often? ((I don’t read Lio that often, second or third Tier reading for me on the page / pages.))

Thank you for asking. I had no idea either. And thanks for the answers.

I just started reading it actually. I don’t know if I love the premise; the obvious touchstone is Calvin & Hobbes, but in Lio his dad, and other people, regularly sees the strange creatures and goings on. By having certain “rules” you can have fun playing one character’s viewpoint off another; if they all have the same viewpoint that aspect is lost. It is imaginative and sometimes inventive, rarely LOL hilarious.

Yes, but Mark Tatulli also cites such geniuses of morbid cartoonery as Gahan Wilson and Charles Addams.

The more Wilson and Addams influences we can get into the commercial Funny Papers, the better I like it.

Lio (there’s a “long vowel” symbol over the “o,” incidentally) also features a lot of squids. Another thing I like about it.