Christmas party food

There’s going to be a Christmas party at my workplace on Wednesday. What sort of food/drinks do you thing I should bring?

sugar cookies and hot chocolate

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We’re having a pot luck on Tuesday of next week. I am taking Chili Verde.

Someone else will bring the tortillas.

What are you looking for? Desserts? Appetizers? In general, I’d recommend some sort of finger food. Nothing that requires a knife and fork.

What’s the menu? I’m bringing mashed potatoes to mine - they’ll go well with the ham and turkey.

Hopefully someone’s making an attempt to coordinate things so the party doesn’t wind up with 35 people bringing candy and cookies, 15 people bringing paper plates or cups, and there’s no actual food.

Maybe Clementine (or other seedless, easy-peel) oranges? It might be nice to have something that’s a little healthier than what most of the other people will bring.

Today is our office holiday luncheon, I brought broccoli salad. Sounds like yours is more of a snacky-appetizer type party though.

I love the clementine idea.