Christopher Knight/MY FAIR BRADY

Okay, this show is a new in sleazy celebreality.

OTOH, I want to be Christopher Knight so bad I can’t stand it. This guy is 47 years old and he’s getting paid to travel to luxury hotels and have sex with a 22 year old supermodel until he decides whether he wants to marry her. If they can do this with a gay twist, I’ll be ready to-freaking-morrow! I’ll even work for scale if they’ll pay travel.

OTOH, if Chris marries Adrianne he’s stupid, and I don’t think he is. I honestly think that once the cameras are gone she’ll be an evil ho shrew.


Does Adrianne actually do any modelling? I watched the first season of America’s Next Top Model. Supposedly she won some Revlon contract, then ::cricket chirps::

Aw, give the girl a break! She’s just young and immature. I don’t think she’s in it for the money or celebrity. I honestly think she thinks she’s in love with him. Perhaps even a bit too much. What I see is a washed-up has-been actor using a hot twentysomething for sex and publicity. If anyone is getting screwed (heh heh) here, it’s Adrienne Curry.

I heard that she was on Howard Stern and said they are broken up. Guess he didn’t propose.

That she has yet to wait for the cameras to go before she becomes an evil ho shrew.

OK, that was a little mean. But she is a whiny little brat and every time I happen to alight on that show she’s whining and crying.

She’s on the GSN show Ballbreakers (competitive pool). I believe her title is “rack girl.”

I’ve seen an ep or two of the show and Adrienne went on a couple of modeling jobs.

Actually, I was a little surprised to hear he was doing anything. In Barry Williams excellent show dio ‘Growing Up Brady’ I seem to recall he mentioned that Knight had said ‘To hell with acting’ decades ago and did something technical in LA.

But I guess the dough was there. I’d be tempted.

Damn shame, seeing as she photos so well.

Adrienne Curry also does modeling for the mall jewelry store chain Reeds Jewelers. If they have a Reeds in your mall, your’ll see placards with her face on it in the store.

In case those participating in this thread are not aware: My Fair Brady is essentially a spin-off (the first reality show one?) of the fourth season of The Surreal Life. Knight and Curry were both members of that SL cast, and started a relationship on that show.

The point is that Knight did not start dating Curry, and then pitch a reality show about their relationship to VH-1. Their relationship started on camera, but on a different reality show. If that matters or not, I don’t know … I find it of interest.

Not only not the first reality show spin-off, it’s not even the first to spin off of TSL. Brigitte Nielsen and Flava Flav spun off from an earlier TSL into Strange Love. Other reality show spin-offs, depending on how loosely one defines “spin-off,” would include Trading Spaces: Family (sort of) spun off from Trading Spaces and The Bachelorette (sort of) spun off from The Bachelor (since IIRC the first Bachelorette was a discard from the first Bachelor; and then a discard from that Bachelorette went on to be the Bachelor in a later season). One could also include Real World/Road Rules Challenge in the (sort of) spin-off category.

I caught part of one episode yesterday – dear OG, what an awful little psycho bitch. Either he’s a great actor (who could tell) or he really does care for the whiney little model.

The sex is probably fantastic and interesting, but man, you can get that for money without having to endure the whining. I hope he walks away from it, but I’ll have to hear it here – no way am I going to endure any more of that filmed train wreck.

And for what it’s worth, I personally don’t think she’s all that good looking, but, in general, I’ve never found models to be very attractive.

Talk about childhood fantasies being dashed.
I always had a huge crush on Peter Brady, and even in later years, on the reunion shows and horribly cheesy TV-movies, I still thought Christopher Knight was cute.

I caught a couple episodes of this show, and ::: shudder :::, I’m sorry, but it’s almost like he’s a dirty old man. Ewww. It’s just pathetic.
I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards. And not in a good way. :eek:

Bumping this one because I just found out Chris Knight married it last month. This may be the first relationship between C List celebs to feature their meeting, courtship, marriage and violent break-up and subsequent trial all on VH1. (I didn’t realize the reality show had continued.)

I know that she’s 22 and pretty if you’re into the attractive young she-model thing, but I would have thought Chris would have better sense. He’s moderately well off (due to computer investments and consulting rather than Brady residuals, of which he gets none) and could find an attractive much younger mate relatively easy I should think, especially in L.A. where there are probably more May-September relationships than any other city as well as a thriving cult of celebrity (and the guy’s hot- I don’t even qualify that with a “for a 48 year old”), but she’s a foul-mouthed high maintenance neurotic dim bulb that has CHICAGO 2: THE BRADY HAD IT COMIN’ written all over her.

Of course I hope I’m wrong and wish them well.

**Sampiro. ** Snerk. You forgot to tack on that ultimate disingenuous southernism, “Bless their hearts.”

You know, there are lots of good books to read. Volunteer work to do. Fresh air, exercise.

They got married. I saw a thing in People magazine (don’t hate me)

Don’t let me stop you.

Eh, give him a break. Life goes on. It’s time to chaAAA[sub]aaaa[/sub]aange.

Yeah, with the right accent and inflection, you apparently can get away with anything, using that phrase.

“What ugly little baby. Bless her heart.”