Christopher Walken to host SNL...YES!!

“I have a fever…and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

Or the Tirival Psychic:

“You will get in your car tomorrow. All of a sudden, you realize something is horribly wrong. You then realize you left your keys on the living room table.”

“Tomorrow…you will eat an ice cream sandwich…you will eat it too fast…and you will get an ice cream headache”

He is hosting this Saturday and I will defintitley watch even though it has not been a good season Walken always pulls it out!

[The Continental]
“Would you care to join me for some fine champagne?”
[/The Continental]

I can’t listen to “Don’t Fear the Reaper” anymore because it doesn’t have enough cowbell.

There is no way i am watching that man right before i go to bed.

Christoper Walken is sexy in an evil-old-guy kinda way. I’d do him. :wink:

She digs Evil in a guy. :slight_smile:

[The Continental]
“I backed over her with my van. Repeatedly.”
[/The Continental]

He goes on to mention that he lived in her [his only love] cabin for several months before her “no-good kids” kicked him out for “wasting her fortune.”

What do you all think of them still using Hartman’s voiceover for “The Continental?” I find it somewhat distracting.

I didn’t mind. I thought it was kind of neat. I also thought The Coninental was about the only funny skit out of the whole show.

Walken is probably one of the bests hosts that SNL has… He rocks (his scene in one of the ‘It’s Pat’ sketches was hilarious… and bizarre), especially ‘The Continental’!

Speaking of Christopher Walken, has anyone seen the Fatboy Slim video with him dancing? That’s just bizarre, in that Christopher Walken sort of way, which is cool.

SNL seems at least better now that Molly Shannon and Cheri Oteri are gone. Hopefully, Will Ferrel leaves soon too.

Amen, Wicky! He’s on my “inexplicable crush” list…

Especially evil, evil white boys. :wink:

I watched SNL last night because of Walken (such a cool guy), hoping it would be better than usual. Must say it was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time.

The “Centaur Job Interview” was hilarious! It reminded me of KITH. Besides Walken being great and Wheezer being very cool, Robert Smigel’s cartoon was pretty funny as well.

I made it till about 12:09am last night. LOVED the new “Continental” skit.

I got to shoot the Chris Walken “Viagra” spoof that was on last year. His timing and focus made that part of the spoof beyond hilarious. Also, the cast member ( can’t remember her name cause I suck ) who played his rather sore wife was just brilliant.

Nice guy, pleasure to work with. I really didn’t think he had this kind of comedy in him till I saw his part in Pulp Fiction. That kind of iced it for me, I was weeping with laughter by the end of that monologue. Around movie sets, THAT is one of the most-quoted scenes when we’re throwing lines around…

Easily right up there with the finest of lines from Caddyshack, ** Untouchables** and of course The Godfather.

Few people can pull that shit off. So, minor hijack but- who thinks he ought to JOIN the cast for a year?


…and don’t forget to pronounce it continental-style: