"I've got the fee-vah..." - Christopher Walken on SNL

Chris (OMG, he’s gonna kill me for calling him Chris) is hosting SNL this weekend.

“I’ve got the fee-vah…and the only cure (pause) is more…cow
BELL.” (accent on bell, voice going up)

Is he just the cutest, scariest man alive?

Bonus - Foo Fighters are musical guests!

I thought last week’s SNL was good (Jennifer Garner and Beck), but you can’t beat Chris.

I haven’t seen him in Catch Me If You Can, yet. Can’t wait.

He rules beyond all that which rules.

Best scetch ever.

Munch’s cowbell thread

Woohoo! I hope to see it this Saturday, then.

His “The Continental” sketch is also good.

“Look at my erotic hummel figures. I bought them on EBay!”

I’ll watch.
But the last one I got excited for and watched was the one with Robert Deniro, and it sucked.
This must be one of SNL’s suck/transition years.

Methinks it be a rerun. No matter; well worth watching.

My mistake. The NBC site claims “All New!” <sigh> No Cowbell :frowning:

“You’re gonna want more cowbell!”

I expect another visit to “The Continental”'s apartment, but I hope it’s better than the last couple visits.

As for the Foo Fighters, I remember telling a big Kurt Cobain fan about Dave Grohl’s “project” when it had yet to become a real band, and he dismissed Grohl, saying that Nirvana=Cobain. I never had a chance to get his opinion of the Foo Fighters :wink:

Here’s an entertaining excerpt of the Foo Fighters’ touring contract, courtesy of the Smoking Gun. Also, make sure you enjoy the guitar stylings of the Foo Fighters’ guitarist Chris Shiflett, also a member of the greatest punk rock cover song band, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

“Don’t make me tell you again, about da skootching.”

I’ve been practicing his:

“Two…mice…” bit from “Catch Me.” :slight_smile:

One of the funniest radio program sketches I’ve ever heard was for Kevin and Bean on KROQ in SoCal. “Cooking with Christopher Walken.” Needless to say, a cameraman gets hacked to death with a meat cleaver. If you can somehow find it on mp3 or something, you won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t see the episode with DeNiro, so I can’t comment on how bad it was. But I read somewhere that he had a helluva time reading the cue cards, due to poor vision (too vain to wear glasses, I suppose). But I would think that most everything had been rehearsed and that the actors know their lines???

Christopher Walken is a pro. Watch it, you won’t be sorry.

“Do you have centaur pornography?”

I don’t know how any sketch could ever top Chris (or, as I call him, Ronald) in real life. Last night, commenting on his hair, (something like) “I just sat around my apartment… and it grew.” (add your own misplaced punctuation) I was the only girl in my high school with his pic in my locker. Sigh…

Also, who can forget talk-show host Connie Stinson - “Look in the mirror and say to yourself, Fat stinking hog, I like you!”

Anyone else remember the Celebrity Psychic Friends with Christopher Walken played by Joy Mohr, with guests Todd Bridges and Crispin Glover, imploring the audience to call? “Todd could come to your house and advise you, but he can’t unless you cawl.”

Why isn’t anybody calling?”

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