Walken on SNL!

Well, someone had to do it.

I worship at the temple of Walken.

“Combos… they cheese your hunger away!”

I love it when he’s on… but I do wish they’d let that “horney guy with the date at his house” skit die.

It’s funny… the first time.

I liked the Pranksters sketch.

Also, nothing to do with Walken, but I’m waiting for the inevitable Weekend Update that’s nothing but ten minutes of Tina and Jimmy sitting there as a string of celebrities and former cast members parades past them.

So you say, hey, I’m a skinny puke, I’m glad my wife’s a fat slice of
hog meat, but because I’m half a fag, I’d like her to be even more of a stinkin’ hog…

I don’t watch the show much anymore. I did just see part of a repeat on Comedy Channel of Walken on SNL where he also opened the show with a song & dance number (and girls).

Walken was noticeably reading his lines off a tele-prompter for some skits.

Quite the cameo-fest. Steve Martin, Will Farrell and Britney Spears (who apparently has taken an acting lesson or two). And Jim Carrey air-guitaring his leg onstage with The Foo Fighters.

Oh yeah. I’d not seen “The Continental” skit before - but that was Phil Hartman’s voice doing the intro.

I’m almost halfway through the episode … I’m kinda worried about the quality of the rest of the show if the “Colonel Angus” sketch was deemed worthy enough to appear this early.

“He was a stiffy McStifferson, so I pranked him to death with a tire iron.”

Man, that killed me.

Hartman’s voice-over intro and exit have been part of every “The Continental” skit. The first skit was when Hartman was still in the cast, and they have kept it for all subsequent “The Continental” skits.

FYI, the “Continental” sketch was first performed in the Not Ready For Prime Time Player era and is based on an actual TV show from the early 50s, called “The Continental,” which used a subjective camera shot of going up to a door and being welcomed by the extremely cheesy Renzo Cesana. It was supposed to be a date substitute for lonely women on a Saturday night.

And you may take it as a token of my low intellect that the “Colonel Angus” sketch had me rolling on the floor.

I also found the “Colonel Angus” sketch hilarious . . . to a degree. Like so many SNL skits, it went on for far too long.

Arg! =)
I reckoned it was a tribute to Phil Hartman and his era (whatever that is - early-to-mid 1990’s?) - yet I totally don’t recall earlier skits. Did they ever do the “five-time host” skit again? I think that was pulled on Tom Hanks (ICBR) and included cameos from Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Paul Simon.

I really did not know that (pardon the Carson).

That’s why I thought it a tribute to Phil Hartman - he’d BE Renzo Cesana! :slight_smile:

To heck with the lonely women - I’d wanna hang with Renzo/PH!

“If I overstay my welcome, just tap me on the head” too funny

Maybe next week they will have Phyl (short for Phyllis) Latio :smiley:

I was glad to see Will Farrell slap on the fake beard and revive his role as Rachel Dratch’s “lover.”

“I thought you said the exercises were working.”

“Well, they aren’t, now get the HELL off of me!”

I think that pretty much happened last night.


Anybody know why it was cameos on parade last night? My theory is that the celebs wanted to watch Walken and volunteered/were drafted to do cameos while they were there.

And I loved the Colonel Lingus skit. (Yeah, it was a little too long - a subtle commentary on cunnilingus? :wink: ) Appearing soon to in a “how did this get by the censors” thread near you!

The Continental and The Lovahs last night - what a great surprise!

I also don’t remember the earlier incarnation of ‘The Continental’. Who played it, and when did it air? I’ve seen every SNL episode multiple times, and I have no recollection of it.

But I must say, last night’s SNL was by far the funniest of the season, and ranks right up there as being one of the funniest episodes in the last couple of years. Christopher Walken is a comic genius.

I thought it was “7-time host”, not five.

Nope. It was the “Five Timers Club”.

Quick trivia question: Who was the doorman at the Five Timer’s Club?

Ralph Nader, as I recall.