Christopher Wilder serial killer

I live 5 minutes away from the mall where Christopher Wilder (a serial killer in the 80’s) killed a woman in a gravel pit at the mall. Seeing how I go to that mall often to go shopping I always wondered which gravel pit he did it at. Basically the mall was built on the site of a old gravel mine and there are several pits in the middle of the parking lot and along the edges. There is also a active pit that is still mined next to the home depot. Can anyone find any old police reports or newspaper articles that say which pit he did it at?

You’re lucky, our malls never have gravel pits.

If you’re interested in visiting old Christopher Wilder crime scenes, you could organize a cross-country tour. It’d make a hell of a vacation. :dubious:

Our mall’s gravel pit was closed due to lack of business. Pretty sure it’s a Starbucks now.