Chrome: The "find" function - a simple question

In Chrome, if you use the ‘find function’ (control-F) to search the current page for a text string, it closes when you go to another page.

Is there a way of keeping the ‘find dialog box’ open as you go page to page (while keeping its current text string as the target)?

I ask because it’s annoying to have keep re-opening the find function when searching a multipage SDMB thread for a specific string.

I don’t think it’s possible to actually keep it open. This is actually one thing that i find so great about Firefox.

Chrome does remember your search term, so one thing you can do is, when you navigate to the new page, hit CTRL-G instead of CTRL-F. That will open the search feature and immediately take you straight to the first instance of your search term.

Thanks for that! A new one for me.

(You’re right on about Firefox. I used to use it for everything, but since one of its last updates, a number of web pages that I really need to use a lot simply don’t work anymore. So now it’s Chrome for me.)

If your problems are with Flash in Firefox check this thread for some workarounds.

Exapno: I don’t know how to contact you so I’ll hijack my own thread to say thanks a million for recommending, “Miracle at Philadelphia”!! It is magnificent - almost like an intellectual thriller. It is among the best books I’ve read in a long, long time.

I’m just a brain in a jar. Addresses are for mortals.

Cool. I love narrative history and there is a long history of these wonderful books on almost every aspect of America history. History.

Perhaps you should bump your original thread to praise the book, where more people who are interested will see it.

Sorry, I’m not going to even toy with a browser that requires me to search the web for workarounds in order to use them for simple everyday applications.

Then don’t. I guarantee that none of us will care.