Chronos this is a ridiculous mod note

Condescension deserved IMHO.

And “sexist”? It’s sexist to talk about whether women’s anatomy might be relevant, in the context of a query about whether a restaurant was being sexist? No way.

Using crude terms is not sexist unless it is pointedly one way. Talking about women is not sexist.

As to the mod note, you’ve got to be kidding me. What is this? The monthly afternoon tea of the local pearl clutcher’s club?

Yes really. Geez.

Mod note is really bad, and absolutely it’s pearl clutching.

…those cites don’t indicate that its an “industry term.” There is a reason why in 3-out-of-4 of them the word is used with “quotes.”

The thread wasn’t about Hooters or similar restaurants. That was spelled out explicitly in the first first sentence of the OP. Grrr ignored that and not only chose to talk about Hooters or similar restaurants, they used the term " Boob-dinners" (not boob-diners) and “breastuarant” when the alternative, “Hooters or similar restaurants” was sitting right there.

On another board I’ve been involved in a debate about sex workers, where the people I’m debating have insisted on calling them “prostitutes, sl$gs and wh#res.” And insisting on being able to call Hooters a “Boob-Diner” is pretty much the same thing for me. I couldn’t imagine calling a sex worker a “wh#re.” And I couldn’t imagine going up to a waitress who works at a Hooters and saying “you work at a breastuarant.” Work is work. Its a simple matter of respect.

I used to work in the industry, with a major casual dining chain as a client. It is, absolutely, a term that is used (though, yes, usually informally) by people in the industry to refer to that type of restaurant. Note that the final site I provided was from Nation’s Restaurant News, one of the restaurant industry’s primary trade magazines.

As to your first point, so what? The mod note was not for being off topic.

As to your second point, what would have been the benefit of saying “Hooters”? IME “hooters” is a more crude term than either breasts or boobs.

You’re going to break the string on those pearls, honey.

Then don’t refer to such establishments as breastaurants. Where your individual moral compass points has no bearing on how anybody else posts. Same goes for chronos. He may not like such terms, but that should be as far as it goes.

…that final cite also used the word “breastaurant” in quotes. Which means that yes, its informal usage, not formal usage, and isn’t really an accepted industry term. Its obviously sexist and if you are using it informally, can I suggest that you stop?

And most of that cite is behind a paywall anyway.

My point is that the response was off-topic, nothing more. I’m glad that you appear to agree.

Hooters is the name of the restaurant. It is entirely appropriate to use the name of the restaurant in situations when you want to talk about that particular restaurant. Especially in Factual Questions, IMHO.

My name isn’t honey, and I respectfully request you refrain from calling me that in the future.

Agreed. That was uncalled for.

…it isn’t about my own individual moral compass but entirely about the culture the boards have worked really hard on to make this place more welcoming to women and trans people.

I get that, but none of the terms used are sexist, vulgar, or even crude. As I said above, you can talk about breasts. And vaginas. And all matter of biological things without being sexist, vulgar, or crude. Those establishments make a point of displaying female breasts–that’s their entire draw unless they have good beer–so breastaurant is an apt, fair description.

It still demonstrates my point that it isn’t just a term that patrons or everyday consumers use. Industry professionals, especially the management of those chains, do use the term, and some even seem to take pride in the usage.

Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t use the term, myself, formally or informally. I do agree that it’s sexist and crude, and I said that it was crude when I first posted in this thread.

I am real sorry you see it that way. I see it differently, and I hope the use of such terms is discouraged.

What term should we use to describe a restaurant whose business model is to emphasise the female body in its waitstaff? “Hooters-adjacent”?

I’ve heard “breastaurant” many times, and even learned the term on this board. It very much seems to be quite standard. It has appeared in many sources where crude language would usually be avoided. This makes sense, as the word “breast” is usually not considered crude.

I would like, however, to see women Dopers commenting on this. They are the one who have commented that sometimes this place seems too much like a men’s club, which is the only way I could see this term being a problem.

…yes, you can talk about all of these things.

Those “female breasts” belong to actual people. And naming an industry after the body parts of the people that work in it is the literal embodiment of objectification.

Those industry professionals in the management of those chains that take pride in the usage are really the last people I want to hear from on how we should refer to the industry.

I think that “Hooters or similar restaurants”, as used in the very first sentence written in the OP of that thread, worked pretty well.

Sure, breastaurants are objectifying, but that’s because of what they are, not their name. It’s not like “Hooters” (in name or in function) is any less objectifying.

I’ll have to disagree there. We are not our jobs. The institution is definitely and obviously trading on objectification, and saying so with cutesy little names is fine.

You are being disingenous.

Firstly, you know damn well that you were implying the crudity was worse because it was off topic, why else mention it in this context?

Secondly, as you know I wasn’t calling you honey because it was your name, I was calling you that sarcastically because you are pearl clutching.

Finally, it makes no sense whatever to say using “hooters” is OK despite it being cruder than the terms we aren’t allowed to use, because some business uses the term? We can say “Cunts” but only if there is a business called that? You cannot escape the fact that hooters is crude term usually used in a sexist way, while breasts is a medical term and boobs is a jokey term (usually used by women to talk about their breasts, IME) and it makes no sense whatever to mod note someone for the latter.

How is using “cutesy little names” not playing into that objectification?

It’s calling them out on their objectification.