Chuck 1/11

Didn’t see a thread for this episode, though there is a thread from Sunday night’s episodes with a couple of comments about this one at the end.

I have a question about it. Is Capt Awesome dead?

If he’s dead, I’m going to be way upset with this show.

The preview of next weeks episode they showed would answer your question.

I didn’t see the preview. If you think I should know, put the answer in spoiler boxes please.

I’m not sure if I want to know or not, so I will let you make the decision for me. :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the preview either, but I can make a good guess from your response. Maybe they’ll have to let Elle be “in the know” about Chuck’s real job after this little incident.

Just reiterating my note that Ellie’s corn-fed hotness poured into what was a really great dress made me forget about a lot of things. Saw the eps from the night before and they didn’t really register. Sarah and that other lady are pretty, but they aren’t “women.” :wink:

Not married, are you? No, once he’s pulled out of his current problem Awesome will see his secret between him and Chuck is way too cool to reveal to Ellie, who would go all aflutter over it. There’s LOTS of things the womenfolk are happier not knowing.

While I can agree that Ellie is hot… Sarah, not a “woman”? They should just replace the definition of “cute” in the dictionary with a picture of Yvonne Strahovski.

Not like Ellie is.

Way to make any woman who isn’t naturally curvy feel like shit. I think she’s hot, but I’ve had skinny GFs before, and they’re no less “womanly” so cut that out please.

Fixed your spelling. :wink: