Chuck (10/25/2010): "Chuck vs the Aisle of Terror"

Last week, Jeff and Lester missed a golden opportunity to play Weekend at Bernie’s on Casey.

Looks like this week, it’s going to be the Halloween episode. Here’s hoping Jeffster has something awesome prepared.

Chuck battles an evil scientist’s release of a nightmare-inducing toxin; Jeff and Lester make over Buy More for Halloween.

Linda Hamilton, Morgan Fairchild, and Robert Englund all in one episode. Someone remind me how this show is constantly on the bubble?

I should have expected that Jeff’s Aisle of Terror would come into play later in the episode. But I was indeed surprised when it did and just laughed my head off when Freddy Kreuger was frightened of babies in costume.

Is it just me, or is Linda Hamilton still really hot?

Not a whole lot of laughs in this episode, but good progression of the mom storyline. I was pretty surprised that it was Sarah and the CIA grabbing Momma B there at the end–I thought it was going to turn out that Volkoff had discovered her secret.

I like to see the Mom storyline progressing. There is, however, a limit to the number of “is-she-good-or-is-she-bad” fakeouts I can tolerate. I hope they land on one or the other soon, and stay there.

Some good stuff: Casey and Morgan developing an actual working relationship. Sarah in that white dress. Chuck finding the will to function even while in the grip of terror; great character moment there.

Englund’s character being truly frightened by the Aisle of Terror was a bit much to buy, even for this show. (Though maybe that’s why it’s called the “Buy More”.)
And poor Ellie. She keeps getting jerked around emotionally. Chuck should not have told her ahead of time that their mother was coming to dinner. He should know by now that these things seldom work out.

Morgan thinking “The Magnet” was a cool nickname was pretty funny. His response when he realized what being the magnet meant was even funnier.

“Black licorice! Man-feet! OTTERS!”

Things appear to have changed a little bit. The show didn’t just get a back-nine order, it got a back-eleven order for a super-sized 24-episode season.

Although I love her to death (she’s the reason I jumped the House ship this season), I believe Hamilton has some serious CGI work being done to her face.

She still rules though.

Both Linda Hamilton and Morgan Fairchild had a bit of soft focusing going on. They’re still pretty hot.

It wasn’t too long ago when 24, or even 26 episode seasons were just normal, not super-sized. But hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Is it a baby? Is it a snail?!?!?!?!? :eek::confused::eek::confused::eek: