Chuck (10/27): "Chuck vs Tom Sawyer"

It’s good to see the Buy More shenanigans more tightly integrated into the main plot. But it looks like Chuck has earned himself a nemesis. Who knew that the guy who invented Missile Command commanded actual missiles? Via satellite!

I loved this episode and it’s good to see a Bluth show up. They always make things better.

Interesting little coincidence: I just finished watching King of Kong about 10 minutes before the episode.

Was that a typical example of a Rush song? I’ve never heard anything they’ve done before, so I’m curious if that’s a good example of what some of the SDMB Rush fans are obsessive about.

Because it was complete shit.

Heh, Guanolad says it’s shit. Nice name/post juxtaposition.

Wow. That’s a bit harsh. I’m not a big Rush fan at all, but I like that song. I can’t say for sure it’s a good example, but it’s their biggest hit, and it’s been well-known for twenty-seven years. It’s safe to say that if you’re over the age of 16 and don’t know it, it’s not going to be something you like. If you liked that kind of music, you’d certainly have heard it.

Wiki says it’s a good example, FWIW.

I liked the Jeff Spicoli reference, by Jeff, at the end. “Hey bud, Let’s party!”

Now that Chuck has his degree, Ellie will be bugging him to use it. That’s a short-term fix at best.

Well, I’m not in America. I don’t think they made much of an impact outside of the US, so I’ve remained ignorant of their work. But it sounded to me like it was an attempt to be an epic rock anthem, but written by an angsty teen and sung in a squeaky juvenile voice. I find it surprising that they’d gain such a loyal fanbase with that kind of approach.

Anyhoo, enough hijacking. I didn’t like this episode as much as the others this season, but that’s possibly because I’m not an arcade game geek.

They certainly picked the wrong character to give an attempt to break a Missile Command world record. Was I the only one who was reminded of Roy Shildt’s nickname (“Mister Awesome”) the first time they heard about the character who calls himself Captain Awesome? (For those unaware, Mr. Awesome has had a beef with Twin Galaxies for years for their refusal to verify what they believe to be a dubious Missile Command score.)

I REALLY miss the location field in our posts. I can certainly see where you never heard it.

My biggest problem was they they gave Chuck only 20 minutes to get to the Kill Screen. 20 min.? :dubious: Don’t they realize every real geek out there would call them on this?

Nitpick: Rush is Canadian, I believe.

Did anyone notice the “Spies Like Us” reference? (Tony Hale’s character was named Emmett Milbarge, after Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd’s characters from that movie.)

And it bothered me the way they kept saying missile during the first part of the show, with a long I in the second syllable.

Every real geek was already reeling in pain from the ‘geek dialogue’ at the Atari HQ.:stuck_out_tongue:

That was another fun episode but they pushed the envelope a bit on the security guys being lured over by Sarah. I know all the other implausible stuff in the episode, why am I worried about that. I don’t know it just pulled me out of the show for a minute.

The new character should be interesting, but I still feel like they cannot sustain Chuck too much longer at the Buy More.

Very Canadian and even bigger in Canada then the US. It seems like Rush is to Canada what Bruce Springsteen is to New Jersey.

I love early Rush for the record but then I love Prog Rock. Yes is one of my favorite groups and Floyd that is not Prog Rock but similar is another. King Crimson and ELP are two more I like as much as Rush.

The song was written and record in 1981. As such “epic rock anthem, but written by an angsty teen and sung in a squeaky juvenile voice” was still popular and fresh compared to the Rock Anthems that were powerful Blues Rock.

It was mainly the arcade owner in the old news footage who mispronounced “Missile.” Chuck mimicked his pronounciation the first time he watched the footage, but other than that the word “Missile” was pretty much pronounced correctly. (Speaking of the old news footage, I like the fact that it used the correct NBC logo for the period.)

And that Atari still has a HQ in Southern California. And that the developer of Missile Command was Japanese…

Pretty good ep, I thought, if madly, *madly *inaccurate in a LOT of ways…

Heh, being British I rather liked having ‘missile’ pronounced correctly.

My favourite bit: “You’ve got a Zune?”, “Nah, just kidding. I’ll get my iPod.”

I liked Casey telling Chuck it is not polite to spy when the two girls were going to talk about Chuck (in the beginning).

Tell me about it–I was treated to a short lecture on the history of the Atari corporation!

That seemed ironic coming from a spy and funny from him. I think if Chuck was not there he would have listened in but found more fun in not letting Chuck listen in.

Well she was alluring in that costume!

Inaccuracies aside, it was a fun show with a nice ending. I enjoyed watching it.

And that its security would be tough for a couple of spies to make it past. I’m thinking an French pensioner snoozing in front of a bank of monitors.

But I long ago stopped worrying about these things.

When I play Missile Command on my Atari 10-in-1 I regret that it not only doesn’t have a trackball, but also that they have duplicated the feel of a 2600’s joystick precisely: there is no feel or control.