Chuck (11/10): "Chuck vs the Ex"

Good Lord, Chuck’s ex is hot! How come there isn’t anyone who looks like her when I go to scientific conferences? Looks she’ll be around for a few episodes, which is good for Chuck, I guess. But I predict that Bryce Larkin will show up to steal her away from Chuck once again.

Loved it! Casey as a Maitre D was hilarious! I also thought the choking bit during the exam was very funny.

Most convincing Australian accent on TV I’ve ever seen!



An OK episode. Less realistic than most which is saying something.

I spent most of the episode hating Jill for what she did to poor Chuck! I loved how the restaurant was entirely filled with CIA agents.

As he left the ballroom, who called him Agent Carmichael?

Totally goofy episode. But yeah, the ex is HOT.

I think it was one of the cops or hazmat responders he called before going to see Jill at the hotel. It’s an alias he’s used in a few episodes.

That last part I knew. I suppose you’re right about the first.

I like his “Agent Carmichael” personna, the way he takes command of the situation for a full minute before screws up and reverts.

Oddly, I’ve gotten so used to hearing Yvonne Strahovski speaking in American that her real accent sounded fake to me.

Someone on another board who comes from the same place Strahovski does says she hammed it up just a bit. It makes sense - the character is American, after all.

She said “G’Day” which is unlikely to be said at a conference. And she called the bathroom “the loo” which I thought was a clever idea, as I don’t think I’ve ever heard a fake Australian use that word. My guess is she played up on all the things the other cast members make fun of her about her Australianisms.

Who the F uses 10BaseT to set up a network anymore? Especially at a conference center, where it’s more than likely going to be wireless anyhow?

Some nerd herd…

But you’re otherwise OK with a virus that infects in mere minutes, as well as a vaccine extracted from the blood in even less amount of time and takes effect nearly instantaneously? :dubious:

That was painful as was the pair of idiots driving up at just the wrong time and never shutting up and that despite being able to fill an entire restaurant earlier, Casey and Sarah had no help at the Hotel or the conference.

My favorite scene was after Jill discovered Chuck’s real situation and dumps him. He gets in the van while his handlers run out and he puts on the headphones to listen in on Jill’s phone conversation. He can’t resist the urge to reply to Jill and is instantly busted. The expression on his face was priceless as he realized his predicament.:smack:

A bit unimpressed by the episode . . . but mostly in comparison to the last few, which I much more thoroughly enjoyed. I have to say I was somewhat unimpressed by Jill - for a skinny brunette biology girl with glasses, it was remarkable how not-hot she ended up being, and I didn’t particularly like the character either. I am still hugely looking forward to seeing how things are resolved next week.

Casey is, as always, the best part of everything.

So, Jill…is she the “smart girl” from The Faculty, or not? Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I didn’t pay much attention, so I didn’t understand a lot of the episode. I’ll have to watch it again.

Yes she is.

This was a fun episode. Did Chuck really just kiss Jill? Seemed like the disabling of the bug and fade out were indicative of about-to-have-sex. Or was Chuck lying about the kiss and it was sex?

Casey in his wig was hilarious, as was his kiss with Chuck.

I’m hoping they delve more into the Jill history next week since she’ll be around. I didn’t get a good sense of why she broke up with Chuck and jumped into bed with Bryce right away.