Chuck (2/14/2011): "Chuck vs the Cat Squad"

Loved the Charlie’s Angels opening. Pity they don’t make shows like that anymore. I’d totally watch a show about C.A.T. Squad.

I’m a bit disappointed that we’re not going to see any more of evil Amy and Lou Diamond Philips. For a moment there, I thought they were going to begin a new story arc. It would have been a refreshing switch to give a nemesis to Sarah rather than Chuck.

I know, right? I’d totally watch Yvonne Strahovski in a resurrection of She-Spies.

As long as it followed the format of the first season of She Spies, however. They really changed things up in the second season and really lost the magic.

Damn, it would’ve been great if they could’ve gotten the cast of She Spies to play the CAT Squad.

Great episode for Morgan. It was a good episode for humour, if nothing much else.

The absence of Captain Awesome and the BuyMore team at the party was painfully obvious.

Guess what?

ATTN NBC: I can has CAT Squad spin-off, pleez?

I enjoyed that show – I would watch it, too!

(I miss all the action-adventure syndicated shows from a few years back…)

It looks like Chuck might not be renewed.

Crud. It may not have ascended the heights, but it hasn’t sucked at least.

Chuck’s been in this position at least twice before and still managed to squeeze through and get another season out each time. Plus NBC have had a crap year for new show success, so they may stick with what works.

However, the story may have played out its best trump cards with not many new directions it can go without it starting to feel like it’s overstaying its welcome.

Having said that, Zach Levi recently posted something on Twitter that sounded somewhat less than optimistic.

I really have to say, this was a terrible episode overall. But clearly it had an audience.

It was obvious who the traitor was, it was silly but not in a good way episode and the only part that really worked for me was Casey punching Lou Diamond Phillips out.

I thought it was a good episode. Totally cartoony, as the show should be. And I liked that the point of the episode wasn’t recovering some superweapon that will inexplicably never, ever, ever be used or mentioned again. Those episodes annoy me.

My sentiments, exactly!

Who was the narrator at both ends of the show?

Someone get Subway on the phone, quick

I’m not sure, but it sounded like Josh Gomez (aka Morgan) trying for a John Forsythe-ish voice.

I really enjoyed how the narrator introduced Zondra… the Bitch!

It was Morgan’s fantasy, so it makes sense for him to do the voice-over. Plus he also previously did the “Hart to Hart” intro.