Chuck (3/22/2011): "Chuck vs the Muuurder"

Chuck tries out solving a locked-murder mystery. I thought it was pretty good. Even the B- and C-plots were good and didn’t feel shoe-horned in. I thought they’d do more with searching for additional Intersect candidates, but it looks like that’s the end of that storyline.

In case you couldn’t tell by the Subway product placement, it’s the end of the season and we still don’t know whether Chuck be coming back. Odds are good, though, since The Cape has already been cancelled and The Event’s return is questionable. What else is NBC going to show on Monday night?

Not the season end, there’s another five episodes to go. It adds up to being the longest season yet.

I laughed a lot in this episode, it had great character moments. The repeated BM jokes maybe were layed on a bit thick. As it were.

Holy crap! The actress playing the female intersect candidate is one of my former students!!!