Chuck (4/11/2011): "Chuck vs the Family Volkoff"

There’s something reassuring about the predictability of Chuck’s story arcs. As expected, Timothy Dalton comes back as Alexei Volkoff and he’s lost none of his edge as a villain. Volkoff’s daughter also returns as expected.

What’s less expected, at least to me, is how she backstabbed her own father. I didn’t quite like her character when she was first introduced, but she’s more interesting now that she’s taken over the family business. It does seem like she could pull off being the Big Bad for next season (if we have one).

I am excited about Vivian becoming Chuck’s nemesis. I sure hope that the show gets a fifth season!

Huh. And last night I was asking myself why I still watch this show. This whole season has been subpar, and it’s getting worse.

I loved seeing Timothy Dalton and Linda Hamilton again, but they did show up how uninteresting Volkoff’s daughter has been.

I was not very interested in the Volkhoff family drama and more in the Bartowskis and the Caseys. Ellie’s never lied to Chuck. Now she has. The spying in her blood has finally shown itself. I look forward to when Casey sees Alex’s mom again.