Chuck (5/9/2011): "Chuck vs the Last Details"

Another more or less disjointed episode, as the writers try to bring the season’s various plot threads together. I liked the little tip of the hat to Terminator 2 as well as the more obvious Star Wars homage. The funniest moment came after all the buyers are killed and an MI-6 agent pops up. He starts a monologue about how badass British agents are, then Volkoff’s lawyer just shoots him dead.

The most disturbing bit was Lester’s video for Chuck and Sarah. What exactly was that supposed to be? The most heartwarming bit was Jeff’s video for Chuck and Sarah. Who knew he had it in him?

Next week is the season finale, “Chuck vs the Cliffhanger”. Timothy Dalton returns, so it should be especially good. The real cliffhanger, of course, is whether the show is going to be renewed.

I liked the fact that Jeff came across as more normal or “sweet” than Lester. Nice touch!

This one felt more disjointed to me than most of them. It had some good moments - Chuck’s picking his mother over Sarah and then vice versa and the entire scene in the room with the buyers come to mind. Also, Sarah’s complete WTF look when Chuck starts humming the Imperial March and then Morgan joins in. Overall though, it was hard not to feel like they were just trying to grab everything that was out there and cram it together to set up for yet another Is It The Finale? episode. Since, of course, that’s what they were doing.

People are wondering how Sarah survived. An interesting theory I heard was that she gets Agent X’d. Ellie has been studying her father’s work. She might be able to do it.

And Jeff scored a kiss full on the mouth from Ellie for it!

I really hope we get another season.

I really enjoyed that, and I’ll bet he did, as well!

I sure hope that NBC decides to renew!

I love how right after Chuck’s trying to explain a Star Wars reference to Sarah, Casey gives a good old “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Also the T2 reference previously mentioned. That was a really nice touch.

Morgan trying to explain Breaking Bad to Casey while he’s surrounded by guys with acid and cleavers might have been my favorite part.

Terrible episode. But still enjoyed the Casey & Morgan stuff.

i think this is the first episode where it was full out obvious that chuck flashed on something that wasn’t available when he got brain-ninja’d - “possible vivian volkoff location”. correct me if i’m wrong.

Perhaps the Intel Chuck had was tied to Volkoff Industries, and seeing as Vivian now runs VI he simply connected the dots without mentioning it? I’ve never been clear on how up to date or all-inclusive the intersect data is though, so I could be grasping at straws.

In other news, *Chuck *has, in fact, been renewed for another season!

I noticed that too. I wonder that now it’s less of a mystery he’s getting frequent updates.

It’s not official, just a strong rumor, but I’m excited. I really thought it was a goner. Just about every show I love is always on the bubble though.

And in true Chuck fashion, it’s a 13-episode, “I like you, but I don’t LIKE YOU like you” order being discussed. I swear, I really think NBC just likes to keep the show around so it can torture its fans and see what they will do next to demonstrate their devotion.

W00t! on the probable renewal! The way the ratings have dropped even lower this season, I figured this would definitely be the end of the show. Still, it outperformed bigger-budgeted and better-promoted shows on NBC that are now cancelled (The Event, Undercovers), so I guess it didn’t look so bad by comparison. And Warner Brothers probably gave NBC a sweet deal in order to get the total number of episodes higher to make for a better syndication package.

Can’t wait to see what they do in the season finale. I’m sure they’ll throw some kind of twist in at the end like they always do, to set the stage for next season.

They seem good at getting “in show” sponsors too. It helps keep the cost of the show down allowing for lower ratings to support it.

I think it does well internationally as well.

Renewal confirmed! A 13 episode final season.

You know, i am also glad it is a confirmed final season. This way they get to give it a proper ending instead of leaving us hanging, or giving us possible endings like they have been doing.