Chuck and Buck-Anybody Else Seen This Movie?

Chuck and Buck came out in 2000, but I only discovered it recently through the Sundance channel.

Chuck and Buck used to be best friends when they were eleven-years-old. Fast forward fifteen years into the future. Buck’s mother has just died, and he invites Charlie (now a music producer) to the funeral. Charlie arrives, and Buck’s obsession with his childhood friend begins. Buck begins to stalk Charlie, and is hostile towards Charlie’s fiancee, Beth. It only gets weirder when Buck writes a play about his and Charlie’s childhood called “Hank and Frank”.

I can’t have been the only one here to have seen this movie. It’s disturbing and sad at the same time. I also get the feeling that the movie couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be disturbing or funny. With something like The Cable Guy, you understood that humor was there (even if it wasn’t funny).

This was one of the most fucked up movies I have ever sat thru. I only started watching it, especially the “finale”. I only started watching it because Starz had it on and it was billed as a comedy, if you an believe that. I figured “Hey, silly title, retarded guy acting silly with his old best friend, might be funny”

Wrong. Stomach turning to say the least.

I saw this one when my brother was visiting my wife and I. We were at blockbuster and ran across the video. The back description read something like

Something like that.

We got home and sat down to watch it. Me, my wife, and my brother settled in for a light hearted comedy but instead we were treated to the 2 most uncomfortable hours of our lives! OMG!!! To this day if I see the actor that played Buck (the nutty one) I can’t help letting out a scared YELP!

The best part of the movie was the song in it. I actually covered it :smiley:

I was also introduced the the film through the Sundance Channel (which I absolutely love - the Sundance Channel that is).

I found the movie difficult but worth watching. It is certainly misbilled as a comedy. I think Charlie should be ashamed of the way he used Buck. Although it is somewhat understandable becasue of Buck’s obsession.

Chuck and Buck? Didn’t they used to own Sneed’s Feed 'n’Seed?

I’ve seen it a few times, the first on video then on TV. Any time I see people checking it out at the video store (reading its back, which doesn’t give anything away) I want to grab it out of their hands and give them Meet the Parents or Throw Momma from th Train, not because I didn’t like the movie (obviously I did, even that horrid song playing throughout), but because they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.
Speculation on the very last scene (not really a spoiler)- Buck’s smile?

[Todd Flanders impression]This movie makes baby Jesus cry.[/Todd Flanders impression]

Saw it in the theatre, liked it well enough to know I never ever have to watch it again.

I liked it a lot, but as Otto said, I never have to see it again.

And this is certainly not the first case of mis-labeling a film:

  • Currently they are trying to pretend About Schmidt is a comedy if you believe the previews.
  • Some Dopers have admitted on this board they went to see the film Chicago and had no idea it was a musical. And looking at the previews, I can understand that.

However, with Chuck and Buck, all you really had to do to get a hint was sing the Name Game Song…

Chuck, Chuck bo Buck
Bananafana fo …

What made me watch it was the commercial on the Sundance Channel. All it is is the short scene where Buck meets Charlie and Caryln (not Beth–oops!) outside of the resturaunt and Caryln invites Buck to the party (I noticed that all Buck ever orders is rum and Coke). I thought, “Heh, that’s sort of amusing. That guy doesn’t like that red-headed guy and obviously doesn’t want him to be at the party. He must be really annoying.” So, of course I too thought it was a comedy.

I did think that Lupe Ontiveros’ performance as the head manager-turned director-of the theater was amusing.

I do wish they would have gotten more into what made Buck become like that. Yeah, his parents were a little crazy and Charlie leaving was devestating, but what else?

It was one of the few movies that I couldn’t make it through. I even tried fast fowarding but that didn’t help. I couldn’t stand one more minute of Buck.

I went to see this at the cinema and I thought it was very well written and acted and would give it a 7/10. I agree it isn’t really a comedy and it isn’t especially “entertaining” (same goes for Leaving Las Vegas, Grave of the Fireflies etc.) but a very worthwhile movie to see.

Here’s some trivia, Chris Weitz (who played Chuck) is one half of the Weitz brothers who directed American Pie and About A Boy.

Chuck and Buck was written by the guy who plays Buck, Mike White, and he also wrote Orange County and the Jennifer Aniston indie-vehicle, The Good Girl. Mike White also plays the creepy bible-thumping security guard in The Good Girl.

I thought it was a nice change of pace from your usual drama. It’s not often that you see such a unsympathetic character portrayed in such a way.

That ending sucked. Have sex with me one last time, and I’ll never see you again? Yeah, I’d believe that if my stalker said that to me. The only appropriate ending to this film would have been for Chuck to give Buck a merciless beating. Buck still probably wouldn’t take the hint, but it would have been truer to the story.


Remind me how he ‘used’ him? If you’re talking about the final “fling” the two had, I don’t think Chuck was ‘LOOKING’ for some action. He made a deal with Buck that, after that last encounter, Buck could no longer harass him. In a way, I think Chuck was trying to finalize it for himself as well as Buck, (that’s why he didn’t seem to ’mind’ the encounter). I feel for Chuck’s wife maybe, but not Buck.

I thought it was a good movie. Sure, it was creepy, but the things seemed to turn out ok at the end. There are a lot of dark comedies / dramedies out there… why is it that movies about obsession seem to get all of the negativity? Then again, I was well aware that it was a serious picture as well. Wasn’t “Lolita” a comedy/drama too?

I don’t think Buck’s “smile” at the end was a hint that things would start all over again, if that’s what you’re thinking. I think he learned to be content with his life and try to build on it.

Yep, I was talking about the final fling. But interpretations of whether it was “using Buck” can vary, obviously.

I don’t know, I would have to watch it again… it’s been a while, so you could be right.

i started the movie-couldn’t finish it. My interest stemmed from what Ivar said (i’m a big fan of both Orange County & Good Girl)

so will someone please spoil the movie for me? I don’t want to sit thru it!!
Last scene I saw Buck was hitting on Chuck in the bathroom. Chuck gets angry and leaves.
Do they end up having sex together??