Commenting on : Can the mysterious chupacabra of Puerto Rico suck the blood of farm animals?

I was surprised to hear that this chupacabra legend started in Puerto Rico. A few years ago, there were many people, especially in the Mexican farming community, who believed that there was a chupacabra running around in the San Juaquin Valley in Central California killing cows and sheep. Fortuately, this legend has been considered dead in this area now.

I thought “chupacabras” were those things the little Taco Bell dog was always trying to get people to drop . . .

“Drop the goat sucker!”

… Or, “Drop the goat, sucker!”

Ah, the importance of punctuation.

It could also be
“Drop”, the goat sucker.

Followed the links in the article to the SkepDic column on cattle mutilations, and from there to the Rommel Report on cattle mutilations.

This in an official government report. Got to love an FBI guy with that kind of honesty. Cracks me up - “Sheriff Num-nutz”.

<singing>At the Chupa,
The Hottest Spot
North Of Havanna…</singing>

Oh Ghod!

70’s flashbacks.

Gotta crash, dude! :smiley: