where is the LATEST info on - Chupacabras

what ever became of this sublect?
all the stuff I have seen about it is
4-5 years old - since todays colum on
ziptocruology errr, cripto-zoo-ology
Ive been looking up the subject but its all
such stale stuff, if this thing is as nasty and prolific
as they say it was, it should have taken over
the world by now - dontcha think?

Well, this thread looked lonely. I’ll hazard a response and say that Chupacabras haven’t taken over the world because (I’m going out on a limb here) they don’t exist.

Chupacabra emigrated from its Caribbean island homeland to Mexico and apparently did something of a Latin America Tour shortly thereafter in the mid-90s, but essentially the attention of the public drifted to other things. Back home a few farmers started to neglect to destroy the evidence, allowing the Agriculture Lab to determine that the explanation was more likely to be a combination of (a) common predation, including by feral non-native animals and, in the continent, by species whose habitat was recently encroached (and thus with which the farmers were unfamiliar); (b) human weirdos with nothing better to do than do sick things to animals; and © statistical clustering of the reports of such events.

Mayor Soto, of the town of Canóvanas, PR, still has his chupacabra trap, but he mostly uses it at the animal control office these days…


Here’s an article from July 2000, that (imagine my surprise!) I found at the Straight Dope website.

Can the mysterious chupacabra of Puerto Rico suck the blood of farm animals? (19-Jul-2000)

A cigar goes out to the person who is first to guess DavidB’s opinion of the existence of the chupacabra.

Oh,I know this one. Don’t let David fool you, he is breeding the critters.