Cinci dopers?

I am somewhat new to membership on the board, all though i have browsed from time to time for a long time. Anyone here from the Cincinnati area?

I know Rue and Shibb are from Cinci, 'cause I’ve mailed stuff to them. And I think there are a few more.

Hi there, ACK! Where are you going to school?

I will be going to UC in the fall

Well, welcome to the Boards, there’s about 3-5 other Cincy Dopers that I know of, plus there’s also some folks up north toward or in Dayton. Every now and then we threaten to have a Cincinnati Dopefest. There’s one that MagicalSilverKey is working up for somewhere in Indiana soon.

Have fun, poke around, don’t worry that I diss Cincinnati quite often (I’m not from here originally, Rue DeDay is), and don’t do anything to embarass us.

I am actually originally from El Paso and Los Angeles, and a hellhole in Pennsylvania in between. Being a transplant myself, I find that Cincinnati is very easy to knock. So I might be right there with you.

I believe Juniper2000 and Jimson Jim are also Cincy based.

If you want to go a bit farther north. Crafter Man is in Dayton, thinksnow is originally from the area, Cykrider is(was?) in Oxford.

Me? I’m in Middletown, literally the town in the Middle of Cincinnati and Dayton. Those Middletown fouunding fathers! What wit! What originality!

Juniper is in Columbia, MO at school. Tevya lives in Northside, though. And black455(?) works at the Cincinnati Library, although you don’t often (ever) see him post in MPSIMS. Spyderman was around here somewhere but I haven’t seen him in a while.

And FairyChatMom is practically an honorary Cincinnatian.

ooooo - honorary? I’m touched. I was in Cincinnati once, years ago, for a few hours on a plant trip. I keep looking for an excuse to return, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Dang the luck!

Let’s see…

  • Grew up in a south suburb of Dayton (Washington Township).

  • Spent 6 years in Cincinnati attending UC. (Of course, this meant I had to get used to being ROBBED on a monthly basis.) Had a short stint co-oping in HELL - oops, I mean Maryland.

  • Moved back to Dayton and bought a house in Kettering.

  • Sold the house in Kettering and bought a place up in Champaign County.

Ohio forever!! :wink:

Maryland is hell?!? Compared to Ohio? Oh well, different strokes for different folks, I guess. Where were you in Maryland? Where did you co-op?
ACK, this is called a “hijack”. Just be calm and nobody will get hurt. I’ll have to see if I can find a link to Rue’s Newbie thread for you…

Sorry Shibb (and ACK too), but the famous, fabulous, ever helpfull “Newbie Primer” got the ax in the whole Hacking Fiasco earlier this year.

It makes me sad.
-Rue. (souless native Porkopolian)

As a former and future Marylander, having never lived in Ohio, may I just say NYAH! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I couldn’t find the Newbie thread, it must have gotten lost in the Winter of our Missed Content. Or I could just suck at searches.

But I did find this thread which may be of some pertinence here:

Who are the Ohio Dopers?

Let’s do another Newbie Primer. And just to show that the Hackers haven’t “already won”, let’s do it bigger and more than spectacular than ever…

Daytonian here. (Actually, Rodentditch [Beavercreek]) I grew up. Was in CA upto the end of Feb, but grew up in Beavercreek. (Apparently, thinksnow rode on the same school bus that I did while we were both still going to k-12 type school.)

I just had to put a Maryland jab in there. :wink:

I worked in Clarksburg on-and-off for 4 years. I lived in 4 places: Boyds, then Mt. Airy, then Gaithersburg, and finally Woodbine (7 miles east of Damascus). I’m glad to be home.

Mermaid- I’m in Middletown too! It’s about a 25 minute drive from Cinci. I was born and raised here, don’t think I’ll ever leave!

As Shib pointed out, I am indeed a Cincy doper. I live in sunny Northside which I’m sure you will come to know as the center of all that is exciting and hip in the Cincinnati area. Come visit our kick butt Record Store – Shake It-- where you can buy new and used CDs as well as actual vinyl. Also, if you’re ever in the market for any kind of used appliance, Northside is the place to go. Northside also has a fine selection of pubs (gay and straight).

BTW, I think a CincyDope would be great! There is a great pub in Northside within walking distance from my house. It has Guinness on draft and outdoor seating.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pick up my check from the Northside Tourism Board.

Tevya: Why don’t you plan a mid-summer Dopefest in Northside at this outdoor place for a Saturday afternoon? I can bring you back your Cranium and we can meet the new kids.

Maybe the Middletown, Dayton, and sundry could make it as well.