Cincinnati Area Dopers- The British Isles Fest!

First: Don’t get started about Ireland not being British. I don’t want to hear it.

Second: The link.

Third: For the love of little kittens, not quaint. Just not.

So, the British Isles Fest is next month. That would be June 14th and 15th. Anyone interested in meeting up? Saturday about 11:00 at the bridge? Whaddaya say people?

swinging cricket bat menacingly

go on then one of you - fake an English accent i dare you…

Ireland is not a part …
only kidding :slight_smile: have a good one

i’d be intrigued to know what alcohol is served - particularly ales-wise.

so if one of the attendees wouldn’t mind posting a list after the event i’d be a very happy bunny… :slight_smile:

Well, I meant to do this last year, but something came up, or I forgot. Now it’s in my calendar, but I need to check and make sure that neither of the Shibletts has a soccer, er, football, game that time. Otherwise count us in Rue. I assume that you are bringing the boys?

And don’t worry, garius, I’ll give you a full account of the ales, lagers, etc. Anything in particular that you’re looking for?

: heads off to the link to see what he just signed on for :

Can anyone enlighten me please on the ‘Welsh Cookies’, is this a delicacy I have been missing out on?

Where were you when Kevin Costner was pretending to be Robin Hood garius? We sure could have used you and your cricket bat then.

About a 50% chance Soupo’s coming Shibb. We’ll see what we see about Katcha. But the whole thing is quite family-friendly. (They even wear shorts under their kilts for the heavy athletics.)

The “Welsh Cookies” were “Welsh Miners’ Cookies” pingalondon. I’m sure that will clear things right up.

Why are underaged Welsh kids’ cookies going to be on sale there? If we come it will be with both of the Shibblets. But I think I’ll keep them away from the cookies and the kilts just to be safe. Still not sure if there is kiddie footie that weekend. I’m sure it will be sweltering hot though, just on GP.

Also, on a huge tangent, I was at the newly opened Hofbrauhaus in Newport this evening. Just for a looksie. But we may go back this weekend for dinner if you’re interested. They even have a kids menu. And a biergarten.

Not really, i’m just interested to see what gets served, since the vast majority of alcohol drunk here in Britain isn’t native anyway (fosters, grolsch, kroney, etc.). You generally have to dig quite deep down into publand to find decent ales and stuff.

So i’m just intrigued as to what will appear there. I’m guessing that Newky Brown and Guinness will be well represented but i’d love to know if any real ales turn up (can’t help it - its the CAMRA memeber in me. :slight_smile:

busy being 11 years old and innocently believing that there was nothing wrong with Robin Hood sounding American :slight_smile:

Welsh cookies might be welshcakes. Biscuity sconey cakey cookiey things cooked on a griddle.

I hope that doesn’t mean that they’re four times as expensive. Do they taste any good?

As for the beers here, since Guiness and Newcastle are sponsoring, I’d expect to see a heavy presence from both. But it does promise stuff from Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales (what, no Isle of Wight?), so I hope there’s something I’ve not had before. I doubt that whatever it is will be totally obscure since it would be difficult to get over without someone normally importing the stuff.

For Tansu, garius and whomever else might wish to chime in from over there, what sort of ales or lagers do you normally drink that might have a chance to make it over here?

That’s cool actually - since they labelled Northern Ireland with the tricolour, I think they’ve distributed the potential offense quite evenly…!

I believe the password to the event is Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Anyone who mispronounces this gets their hands chopped off.

I note a singular dearth of Morris dancers. Why no Morris dancers?

And these Border Collie Demonstrations of which you speak … do you mean sheepdog trials, by any chance?

ShibbOleth, the last Traditional English drinking binge I was on involved Theakston’s Old Peculier. A fluid which I commend to your attention.

Scottish & Newcastle have brands including Theakston’s, Kilkenny, Courage, John Smith and McEwan’s. Beer’s a subjective thing to appreciate, but I’d personally recommended the Theakston’s.

Guinness is part of the vast Diageo group. Their range of brands is large, but I wouldn’t bother looking past the black stuff myself.

Here’s a recipe for Welshcakes.

I used to play mandolin for our local Oxfordshire Morris side. Fact.

“You should make a point of trying everything once, excepting incest and folk-dancing”
Sir Arnold Bax (1883-1953), quoting a ‘sympathetic Scotsman’ in “Farewell, My Youth” (1943)

The Morris dancers were actually out in force one evening last week, as I was waiting by the scout hall for the last bus home.

One of them looked singularly unimpressed by the whole thing … he had exactly the facial expression I would have, if I had to prance around in a flowery hat flipping handkerchiefs at people.

jjimm … words fail me.

Getting back to the OP (for just a minute, I promise), I wanted to let you know that RickQ and I are thinking about driving down there to go to this. Rick is British, so a bit of home sounds like fun to him. He is not, however, the type to say, “oh, that’s not really how we do it” so no worries on that score.

Spitfire willl almost certainly make an appearance. If you are incredibly lucky and have any kind of beer tent then hunt for anything by the woodfordes brewery - particularly Nelsons Revenge and Norfolk Nog.