Circular Community in Florida

While flying over the gulf coast of Florida last week, I noticed a weird-looking community (I can’t say for certain whether it was a town or just a subdivision within a town). About all I can say conclusively about its location is that it’s on the west coast of Florida, at least half an hour north (on a plane) of Miami. Other than that, I’m drawing a blank.

The streets were arranged in a circular fashion, around a central hub. The layout was reminiscent of Walt Disney’s original plans for EPCOT. A small portion of the development didn’t appear to be paved/completed yet.

Anybody have any idea of where, specifically, this is? Can you provide some more information about it?

There’s probably a lot of them, but here’s one: Rotonda, FL.

Is this it?

That appears to be it! Thanks!

jesus fucking christ, it is built around 7 freaking golf courses…:eek::eek::eek:

In happier times, it was home to the Superstars competition.