city folk what do you think about the bison?

Recently a tourist at Yellowstone national park decided that a baby bison was cold so they decided to put the animal in the trunk and drove it to a ranger station. Also tourists are commonly injured because they decide to get too close to the animals such as the person mentioned in the article that thought it would be fun to take a selfie.

The point is that in reality bison are dangerous creatures which will injury you if you get too close but the stories make you think that for people who are unused to being around animals, other than purse dogs or house cats, think that they’re walking teddy bears rather than animals which could easily kill you.

We had a thread about this recently.

I think they are delicious.

It’s not city people, it’s just stupid people. There are signs all over the park warning people about that wildlife is dangerous and they pay no attention. They don’t watch their kids around the gorilla pit at the zoo, they don’t pay attention to the signs telling them the geysers at Yellowstone are dangerous either. They see a rock that’s been precariously for centuries and decide to knock it over because it might be a hazard. They drive their cars into a lake because a GPS told them to.

City folk just seem to find out early,
How to tame a bison with a smile…

You can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.

Fairly pejorative thread title. I live in the city and I know that when I am around wild animals they are not there to be cuddled and they are not props. Now, OP, what do you think about parallel parking?

City folk just don’t git it.

You know that bit in Jurassic Park, where the scientist (ha!) says that the brontosauruses are herbivores, and that means they’re peaceful and safe to approach?

Yeah…no! Bison are big, strong, and a little grouchy.

So are hippos, right?

But hippos aren’t fuzzy wuggums.

They’re OK individually, but watch your back in a herd of them.

Doubly so if you’re on roller skates. Just don’t go there.

I’m a city folk, and nature scares the hell out of me. I’m perfectly fine with the Manhattan subway at night, but I can’t think of anything scarier than a county fair in the dark. Except maybe a farm. A farm at night. Brrrrrr.

Seriously, how many horror movies are set in the woods, and how many in the city?

And the cape buffalo. And rhinos.

Bison bison bison bison bison bison bison.

Hmm… that sentence doesn’t seem to make sense.

The dangerous prairie bassoon…

Tasty. Large. Way faster than me. Do not approach.

Predators will only fuck with you when they are hungry, but large herbivores will stomp you just because.

I blame Walt Disney. Some of these critters are unemployed wild animals, not actors.

Uhm… wooly humped bulls? I think they’re basically bulls, only woolier and humpier than the ones I’m used to: bigger than me and likely to be cranky if approached by uppity unknowns. I make a point of never approaching an animal larger than me unless there’s some seriously sturdy safety measures in the middle.

Do you want lists, a headcount, English only, other languages…? Do you also want other locations, or only those two?

Well, I’m not exactly “city folk”, but I believe your male child should be permitted to have sexual relations with any other consenting adult he chooses.