Tourist vs wild beef .... the beef usually wins

in what’s becoming increasingly common a Yellowstone park visitor decided to get a closer than safe look at the bison … needless to say it ended in the usual manner

Yeah, considering bison can get to be well over a ton, according to Wikipedia, convincing a wild animal that size it needs to defend itself or other herd members from you is a definite Darwin Award candidacy.

When we camped in Yellowstone, we awoke one morning to find a bison lounging just outside the door of the RV. We elected to spend the morning indoors. Those suckers are HUGE.

Eventually Bob* decided to leave and we came outside.

*He hung around a lot that week so we named him.

When I first glanced at the headline on my Google news feed, I thought it said "Biden gores woman, tosses her 10 feet in air". Now that would have been a good story.

Have I told this?

Way back in the 1970s we went on vacation and went to South Dakota. It is relevant that we were in a Barracuda. One afternoon we decided to drive through Custer State Park. We followed some road and turned around when it ended. We turned a corner and stopped as dad saw a buffalo in the road. Then we were surrounded by buffalo. We had to drive with the herd - it took us roughly 45 minutes to go roughly 1/3 mile. They kept jostling the car. It was scary.

No kidding.

Javalina babies are ugly/cute and look pretty pet-able.

At least once a year some idiot will pick one up. Baby Javalina come fully equipped with teeth able to chew cactus and a very loud squeal. They also have mama and daddy and all of their extended family around who are NOT little and cute and pet-able but have NO sense of humor when it comes to their babies.

Nobody has died that I know of but badly mauled is a pretty good description of the damage the idiots receive.


Darwin, dude. Too many stupid people and we can use the organs for smart people.

“You’ve been on the transplant list for a while, but I believe we’ve now found you a liver.”
“It is just a tiny bit trampled, mind you.”

And we’ll get you that liver once the bison goes to sleep and we can get it off its horn.

That is a cute little creature. Not going to provoke its adults, mind you.

Mostly javelinas flee if they sense you; my main security guard accidentally runs across them all the time and they just run. Their eyesight is not the best, so they think “big thing! Must flee!” if you get too close. At a previous hotel I was outside delivering newspapers at 4 AM and heard a crunching sound. I looked over and saw a big old javelina eating mesquite pods about 4 feet from me; its head was turned toward me but it just kept eating.

When I saw this headline I went looking for the story. Interestingly, only half of the headlines mentioned she approached the bison. The other headlines didn’t.

Within 10 feet of a bison? Yeesh!!!

First time we pulled off 94 to the rest stop that provides a nice overlook on the Teddy Roosevelt Badlands of ND, we had to slow down for the bison strolling across the exit ramp. It was not interested in us or anything short of “the other side of the fence”.

I took a trip through Yellowstone a decade or so back and on the way out of the park a bunch of bison decided to form up a phalanx to block traffic in both directions and man, they were sauntering. Suddenly a ranger truck comes winging up the shoulder, stops and a ranger hops out and every single bison got this hangdog “oh shit” look as the ranger sternly pointed them off the road and they meekly did as they were told. Then the ranger hopped in his truck and zoomed off while I laughed my ass off.

Update: she dead.

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