Civ-type game where you click a lot. Too much. Fun for a while, though.

I got addicted to that just last week. Ended up not being happy until I was able to beat an empire. Got too tired to get the Wonder of the World built.

As you say, really fun for a while.

True to its namesake, the endgame sucks. I quit at 10% of the wonder built.

It was a lot of fun! I played a few hours and got to the endgame. Pretty boring there. You can only raid, you never get raided. Didn’t bother with the wonder. It sucks up too many mats and I needed more leather.

Is it just me, or does it take friggin’ forever to get gold? You need to wait for the traders to show up and notice them when they do, and then you need to have however many thousand of whichever random resource they’re asking for, and then you only get one gold for your trouble, and you need at least 11 gold to improve that situation at all. So far I’ve only managed to get a single gold to buy the trading post, and I still can’t meet most of their requests.

You get quite a bit more gold when you start stockpiling. You can click the box as many times as you can until they leave (or you run out of the resource).

It actually turns out to be much faster to trade and use the gold to rush produce a wonder than it is to build the damn thing. Think I’m done with this one after wasting most of yesterday on it.

Yeah, the Wonder is just dead weight. It’s an interesting game, but it’s no Cookie Clicker.

I’m currently on my second run-- The first time, I finished the pantheon but gave up on the wonder, and this time I’ve got a wonder, which does give a permanent (persisting past resets) bonus of your choice. I’m currently letting my people starve to see if I can get the “Ghost Town” achievement, though it’s slowed down by my people’s cannibalism.