'Civilisation 4' patch question

Dear All,

I have two computers linked through a local network. :slight_smile:
I have two copies of Civilisation 4, and can thus play the game with my friends. :cool:

I want to patch both games, but only one computer is linked to the Web. The other can see some folders of the first computer.

So far I have tried downloading the latest patch from Firaxis, but only about 4.5 meg arrived (I think the patch is 45 meg).
When I load Civilisation 4 on the first computer, it offers to install the patch.

Now should I keep trying to download the patch (I don’t have broadband :o ) , or should I accept the patch install - but then how do I update the second game?

Is the patch a .EXE file that you download from a website? If it is, instead of clicking on the link to download it, right click it and select “Save Link As” or “Save Link Target As”. A dialog box will pop up prompting you to select the location to save the file to. Save it in a location accessible from the other computer, and then run the .EXE from that computer, which should patch the game.

Let me know that that works. If the game downloads the patch itself, things get a bit trickier.

**Rysto **- I don’t think the problem here was finding the file, rather downloading a file of that size with an unstable internet connection…

Glee - You could always have a go at downloading the patch from a different location, like here. Perhaps the internet gods will be happier with that…

Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:


I understand exactly what you mean!
I did try saving to a shared area, but the patch seemed only 10% of the expected size (and didn’t work).
I’ll try again.

Peak Banana,

I shall appeal to the Internet Gods. :eek:
I have downloaded such large files before successfully, so will try again from your location.

Yeah, the latest patch, 1.61, is about 45 megs.

Get the whole thing in one download and then you can move the file from one machine to the other and install it on both. I have all three patches (1.09, 1.52, and now 1.61) sitting as zipped archives on my spare hard drive.

I installed patch 1.61 on my PC this weekend, and Civilization is still the greatest computer game ever made.

Advice correct. :slight_smile:

Download worked. :smiley:

Transferred to both network machines. :cool:

My mate came over and (apart from meals) we played 10 hours straight. :eek: