Clarke for VP?

Sherman Stock of Hales corners suggests Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke could be Trumps Vice Presidential pick.

I say, why not. They’re both narcissistic assholes. They’re both phonies (Trump is a fake Republican, Clarke is a fake Democrat). They both say outrageous, ridiculous things. And it’ll be fun to see 2 egomaniacs go down in flames.

And if the impossible happened and Trump were to win, it would finally get Clarke the hell out of Milwaukee.

I’m a political junkie and I’ve never heard of Clarke. Trump would pick Joe Arpaio if he wanted a loudmouth sheriff.

Jesus christ. I know that Trump is going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel but a goddamn County Sheriff? A Democratic County Sheriff? That’s about as insightful as suggesting Carrot Top. And how is pairing two narcissistic assholes a workable situation?

I can only assume charitably that this is a joke thread.

No fair pawning off your troubles on the rest of us. I’ve got Mark Sanford - hiking the Appalachian Trail - as a Representative. I should get to go first.

A narcissist like Trump would never share the spotlight with another narcissist.

Clarke is a Democrat? He’s Fox News’s favorite House Black Sheriff.

Did you read the OP? He’s a fake Democrat. A Republican would never get elected Sheriff in Milwaukee County (well, he would if the City of Milwaukees votes didn’t count) so Clarke runs as a Democrat.

Did you read the letter I cited?

Also, you don’t consider this a joke election? Trump being the candidate is only slightly less absurd than Paul Reubens in Pee Wee character.

You already did. Before, he could only really fuck up your state. Now he’s voting on laws affecting a nation!

Sanford had some snarky things to say about Trump today.

Yet Newt is a leading contender …

Trump and Carrot Top, 2016! I like it.


No need to throw dirty words around.