Classic Nickelodeon Shows Appreciation Thread

This thread is devoted to those series who took part in raising us. I mean Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, etc.

Share your favorite series, and maybe a favorite episode, or a good experience involving these shows.

As a sidenote, does anyone remember Lunchbox Theatre, where they showed Australian movies from the early 80’s that sucked? I hated that thing, it always meant abandoning Nickelodeon for however long it was on. Oh well.

At Camp Anawana…


You Can’t Do That on Television

Sure, it wasn’t a Nickelodeon original (wasn’t it Canadian?), but this Yankee would never have gotten to see it if it weren’t for Nickelodeon, so I’ll give them credit. In fact, this Gen-Xer (I’m 30) would still be watching if it hadn’t been taken off the air. Isn’t it a wild coincidence that it got cancelled shortly after Alanis Morisette started getting popular? Hmmmmmm…

I was so in love with Lisa, Christine, et al.

Who can forget Kevin Ilianovich Rasputin Kubacheski (sp?)?

What happens when you say “water” or “I don’t know”? :smiley:

Remember how the two adult actors had about 7 different roles each?

Also, to this date a skit on YCDTOTV is the only TV segment I’ve ever seen that tackles the sensitive issue of adolescent defecation. You see, Alistair was lecturing about the history of the flush toilet and when he mentioned “the grunts & groans noise suppressor” the camera panned to Christine, who had this horrified/embarassed look on her face. A classic TV moment for all time, wouldn’t you agree?

Anybody know what the actors are up to these days? Also, any of you Canadians know of a company that sells boxed sets of that series? I could cut a check…

Nickelodeon started when I was well into my college years, but that did not stop me from watching “You Can’t Do That On Television” while everyone else was obsessing over Luke and Laura. Of course, Nick was only on for half a day (MTV took over for the rest of the time), but it was still enjoyable.

Perhaps it’s cheesy entertainment, but I enjoyed “Danger Mouse” and “Count Duckula”, as well as some of the short cartoons they’d run between shows - there was one series in particular about a silent hippo and an obnoxious animal (a fox, perhaps?), where the OA would always try to outwit or embarass the hippo, but ended up the brunt of the joke himself.

Of course, now it’s kind of weird, living near Universal Studios and running into some of the Nickelodeon actors at the mall.

the two shows I really loved were “You Can’t Do That on Television!” I’m still sad they canceled it. Slime just isn’t the same anymore, I mean you don’t even have to say ‘I Don’t Know’ I was in love with Moose.

And I also loved that cartoon about these three children and their golden eagle. It was a huge robotic eagle made out of gold, or was it a falcon. I thought it was called “Children of the Sun” It had a great opening theme song. But I searched and searched google and couldn’t find it. What was it called? They were in Central or South America, one of the boys was an Aztec I guess, or maybe an Inca.

And to go WAY back, back before it was Nickelodeon I can still recite “1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato 4, when you watch Caliope, there’s a whole world to explore. 5 potato, 6 potato 7 potato 8, Caliope’s for kids like me, it’s neat, it’s fun, it’s great!”

YCDTOT was a classic. Barth’s Diner always made me kind of sick.

A bit later, when I was in college, I started watching The Adventures of Pete and Pete. It was escapist, funny, and smart comedy. It had Steve Buscemi and Iggy Pop as recurring characters (albeit not at the same time), and cameos by Michael Stipe, Kate Pierson, Frank Gifford, William Hickey, Juliana Hatfield, Luscious Jackson, Ellen Cleghorn, and Marshall Crenshaw. It introduced us to “Artie, the strongest man…in the world” whose favorite thing was the smell of tire air. It featured a mom who could pick up radio stations through the steel plate in her head. And it’s the only show that had two brothers with the same name (well, not counting Larry, Darrel, and his other brother Darrel from Newhart). It was and is a great show.


I forgot about those hippo cartoons! What was that other thing anyway? I can’t remember.

I seem to remember them always being sports related, does anyone remember them differently?

Danger mouse was the one with the English accent and the portly partner, right? He was kinda cool.

In the newer Nickelodeon category, I really love Ren & Stimpy. I wasn’t able to appreciate it fully at such a tender age. The newer episodes suck, because they took creative control away from whatever that dude’s name is that did them before, but they were originally edgy and cool. I think there’s going to have to be a seperate appreciation thread for them.


that thing in the hippo toons was a cat. I can still hear it’s angry mreow!! when it got beaned.

another classic was Mr. Wizard which I think they show occasionally on Noggin EARLY in the mornings. Or for us night owls LATE at night. He was pretty cool. Best science show for kids till Bill Nye.

that thing in the hippo toons was a cat. I can still hear it’s angry mreow!! when it got beaned.

another classic was Mr. Wizard which I think they show occasionally on Noggin EARLY in the mornings. Or for us night owls LATE at night. He was pretty cool. Best science show for kids till Bill Nye.

ooh, and it was Children of the Sun. searching finally paid off on this one.

hmm, a trifecta, poor postmanship on my part

The show that I was talking about was called “The Mysterious Cities of Gold” Also of note is that after some 15 years in hiatus they’ve been working on a sequel for quite awhile. Although that note is from Feb 2000.

ok, have said all I need to say… I can post …

I too had a crush on Christine “Moose” McGlade. She’s still in Canadian television, on the other side of the camera. Tapes of YCDTOTV show up on eBay from time to time, that’s how I was able to get a tape of my favorite episode–Vacations.

Kinda cool… KINDA COOL?!? Man, you’re ONLY discussing the funniest show to cross the pond since The Flying Circus! Show some respect! :stuck_out_tongue:

…and screech-owl? I knew you was cool. The fact that you watched and enjoyed Dangermouse just seals it.

Anyway, I guess my recollections of Nickelodeon go really far back. I remember shows like The Tomorrow People which I think was about an organization of teenage psychics. Or The Third Eye which was an anthology show, sort of a Twilight Zone for adolescents. And I remember a morning little-kids show called Pinwheel that had a more surrealistic, acid trippy aspect than even Teletubbies.

I loved The Tomorrow People! They would transport themselves to this cool island in Australia. My favorite part was that one of the kids was from Vermont, my home state! (I remember because the little English boy was complaining about how the red head put syrup on everything for breakfast, and the red head replied ‘that’s how we do things back in Vermont.’)

And Dangermouse was the coolest superhero ever!

I loved Dangermouse with a passion. I even made a big paper-mache Dangermouse as a project in art class. HA!

I loved the science shows too, Mr Wizard, and one I rarely see mentioned called (I think) “What’ll they think up next?” or something, talking about what was currently being invented. One that stands out in my mind was a small cigar-like box that would play record albums shrunk down to about 5 inches that would be read with a laser. (I can’t believe how old that makes me feel! That I watched a show predicting the invention of Compact Discs and their players!)

You all beat me to the punch with YCDTOTV (Duuuuuuuuuuh I heard that!) and Danger Mouse (with the everpresent Penfold - Crumbs!) and even Mr. Wizard and Pinwheel. Classic TV at it’s best.

So I’m left to bring up Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Fairly recent show that had a silly premise, but some of those stories were darn scary for kids. I’ve watched a few episodes and spent that night convincing myself I didn’t need to check under the bed. I’m still comforting my 5 year old from nightmares she gets occasionally, stemming from an episode she saw over a year ago.

Not on par with the other, older shows, but good fare nevertheless.

Wasn’t Danger Mouse the show that had that little short cartoon series Banana Man? Or was that maybe it’s own series just used to fill in a few minutes between shows? I loved that cartoon :smiley: