Classic Nickelodeon Programing

Back when the channel was good, (Ok, minus Spongebob, Rocko, Ren, Stimpy, and Rugrats) Tons of long forgotten programing on the channel flurished. What Show no longer shown on Nick was your favorite? Why on Earth has Degrassi replaced “Fifteen” ?

Pete and Pete- Come on you can’t beat it. We had Janeane Garofalo, Iggy, Pop, a cool soundtrack, and the most surreal events to ever grace the live action screen of “Nick”. Who can forget Artie: The stongest man… in the world flexes.
PS: Salute Your Shorts is pretty classic too.

Ren and stimpy. Rocko and rugrats are the some of the first cartoon shows on that network. First Three were Doug, Rugrats, and R&S. Rocko came later.

But as far as good ones, I liked You can’t do that on Televison for some odd reason. I see episodes now and realize that I must be a recovering crack addict.

Rocko, Doug: Tremendous Cartoons.

Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude, Pete and Pete, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Welcome Freshmen: Tremendous “Sitcoms.”

Double Dare (the original), GUTS (the original with the big mountain at the end), Legends of the Hidden Temple, Wild and Crazy Kids, and the best of the best, Nick Arcade: EXCELLENT gameshows.

Didn’t care much for “What Would You Do?” Or whatever it was called, though.

Sigh…oh for the Nickelodeon of old…do you suppose they’ll put these on Nick At Night when we all get old?

Ahh, but you’re forgetting Danger Mouse/Banana Man.

Where can I see old eps of YCDTOTV? I don’t know of anyone re-running them.
Other great shows that occupied much of my youth: Turkey Television, Out of Control, Mr. Wizard and the shows of SNICK.

I like some of the new shows (Wild Thornberrys, Spongebob), but I actually wish less of the current programming was cartoons. However I suppose Nick doesn’t care too much what 28-year-old men want.

Maybe Nick could start a sister channel called Nick Retro for us 20- and 30- somethings.

I had such a thing for Dina. My favorite was the one where they were putting on a play, because she was lounging in a bikini that episode. And I swear I saw Donkey Lips this week in a commercial for a current sitcom.

I also watched Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Secret World of Alex Mack*, and All That.

*-I made her a sandwich once.

I’m another Pete & Pete fan. The only other Nick show that has a place in my heart isn’t one of the “old” ones - Invader Zim deserved a far better fate (and a far better channel) than it got.

Hey, now that you remind me of it

Hey dude sucked so much ass that the entire station was allmost sucked into the void of suckatude that show disapeared into. And I was 12 when I first realized that. Keep in mind at 12 I watched the facts of life and Momma’s family, and obviously was hitting the pipe hard. I can not stress this enough CRACK IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION FOR ALL THE BAD TV I WATCHED AS A CHILD.

Happy Lendervedder I haven’t seen YCDTOTV in years, but when I was in HS, Nick experimented with bring it back. Still though, it is cool to be among the few who know WHY they have a huge slime fountain at the Nick park in Universal Studios Orlando

Don’t forget Clarissa Explains it All. Furgeson was my hero.

And remember The Roundhouse on SNICK? That thing was so hip. (When I was 12.)

I was a fan of The Noozles back when I was little. What a weird show. Also David the Gnome. Great kids’ shows, both of 'em.

I miss being a kid.

I don’t miss 18 hours of Pinwheel a day, though.

“Pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around. Look through my pinwheel and see what I’ve found…” Yeah, I got your F-in’ pinwheel, b’yotch!

(Let that little tune rattle around in your dreams tonight. Ha!)

The Nick of old is surely superior. Such shows as Don’t Just Sit There (c. 1988; a talk show with live band) and Total Panic (c. 1989; a three-hour variety show designed to liven up Sunday-morning programming) are most memorable, along with YCDTOTV (which has a website at ; maybe it will answer the questions posed here?). I also enjoyed the satrical-type programs like It’s Out Of Control! (c. 1984; variety, with Dave Coulier hosting) and Turkey TV (c. 1986; skits)

Hey Dude (c. 1988; dude ranch sitcom) was alright. It was real enough, anyway.

I was watching Nick Gas (game show channel) the other day (on digital cable at my friend’s house) and was surprised at the sobriety of the atmosphere in general on Double Dare (c. 1986; game show) as compared to any kids’ game show produced today. The set was largely dark, small, and Marc Summers (along with the DJ-like announcer) was entirely predictable in his mannerisms (with the exception of the DJ-like announcer, who once picked his nose with one of those robot-arm-claw things that came out around then).

Ah, how I miss it all.

Pete and Pete was great. If you have digital cable or DirecTV, you can see it in reruns on the Noggin network. My daughter and I watch it when we can…that and Salute Your Shorts.

I liked Turkey Television too, with it’s clips from shows from all over the world. Years later, I read an interview with an early Nick executive who said that was one of their favorites, too. It originated as an experiment to fill empty time slots on their schedule, back when they weren’t sure what was going to work out and what would flop.

For cartoons, I loved Ren and Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Invader Zim. All of which proved to be way too cool for Nickelodeon.

Do you remember the bumpers for Nick at Nite?

There was a man and a woman who who come out on a set, do something goofy, and get ready to watch TV.

As I recall, the woman was kinda cute.

Inspector Gadget was and is a favorite of mine. Too bad Disney bought it. Now I can’t see it. :frowning:

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold was a nifty bit o’ underappreciated anime.

and Fairytale Theatre had anime versions of classic fairytales that were often less kiddy-fied than you’d think. More like “Folktale Theatre”.

I wanted to be on Roundhouse soooo badly. I loved that show and I thought it would be so fun to be in that cast.

Also loved Don’t Just Sit There. And I wanted to BE Clarissa. She was so cool, and I loved her clothes. And she gained extra coolness points years later when it was pointed out to me that she had a TMBG Flood poster on her wall.

Was the game show Finders Keepers on Nick too? I liked that one.

Roundhouse rocked. “When life gets you so down, you know you can go down, where the music and the fun never ends?”

What about REAL old school Nick, like Belle and Sebastian? For the longest time, anything I saw anything that looked like anime, I thought it was something done by the Nickelodeon people.

I loved Today’s Special, with Jeff, Jodie, Muffy the mouse that only talked in rhymes, Sam the security guard, etc. Jeff was a manequin that came alive when you put on his hat and said “hocuspocusalamagocus”.

Does anyone else remember Koala and Friends? It was around the time of David the Gnome.

Look if you want to go REAL REAL OLD SCHOOL Nick

Dance your cares away
::clap clap::
Worry for another day
::clap clap::
Dance Your cares away
::clap clap::
Down in Fragglerock
::clap clap::
Down in Fragglerock

Actually, Fraggle Rock was originally on HBO.

I think it played on syndication on Nick years later.

I grew up on Nickelodeon.

I remember thinking Finders Keepers was the coolest game show ever. Now, when I see it on Nick GAS, I ask myself how I ever watched it.

I’m so old, I remember when the Nicktoons were brand new and only aired in a special block together.

What about Sharon, Louis and Bram’s Elephant Show? Was I the only one watching that?

Total Panic was good because it showed the Star Trek cartoon sometimes.

Eureeka’s Castle was a classic from the Nick Jr. lineup. I still use the nearsighted bat’s line “I MEANT to do that,” all the time.