Classic SDMB Storytellers

I’ve been lurking on the SDMB for a few years now, and even have a buried thread somewhere around here. Overall, I’m consistently impressed with the community on these boards (compared to those of my other favorites, like Fark and Encyclopedia Dramatica) and am even more impressed with the unique flare of some of the regular posters.

I specifically recall a post (I think the author was named Lemonvedder or somesuch) explaining the origin of his slightly absurd name, and the accompanying story about his time spent having exotic orgies as a captain in the armed forces.

I can even remember a few other tales that blurred the lines of decency and common occurrence, but lack the mental capacity to conjure details.

So I ask the members of the community, do any of you have favorite stories (or story-tellers) that can be found on these boards? Can you supply a link or the copypasta of the story in question? They are an important part of Straight Dope History, and deserved to be passed on via digital tradition.

The discussion need not be kept to narratives- rants and enthralling observations that are still fun to read would also benefit the thread, as long as they originated on these boards.

Sampiro, Master Wang-ka, and Scylla. There are others, but they are the Trinity.

Scylla! The blimp!

passes out laughing uncontrollably

You can find some older examples linked to here, including the classic Horror of Blimps: The Master Storytellers’ Appreciation Thread

I’ve always loved this little number:

This is probably **Happy Lendervedder.

IMO, Friedo’s epic poop thread should be added to the canon.

This sounds like an early (and not yet indetified as such) MMP thread.