Clean up after your dog...

… because you can’t assume its shit is anonymous anymore. Link.

As a non-dog-owner, I’m for it.

Dog owner.

I can’t see the necessity in such a program. Though it seems that the fines will cover the expense of the testing, it seems like a waste of money to pay a technition, whoever has to collect the feces, and generate the fines on such a trivial matter. I suppose if the city is plagued by rouge piles of doggy-doodle everywhere it might make sense.

Dog owner.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just place small shale pits at regular points near pedestrian walkways? And plenty of waste disposal bins would make people more willing to tote around squishy bags of excrement. To be frank, I get more annoyed at the amount of human waste I see strewn about, and see this as just a way for the authorities to tax dog-owners.

My dog weighs 5 lbs. His poo is about 2 oz at a time. I have 8 acres. I’m not worried about it unless he poos in the house :smiley:

Oh, wait, you mean people who live in the city and leave their dogshit on the sidewalk? They need to be force fed that shit until they get a clue or a cat that buries it.

I can’t imagine them being able to keep up with the work load. Wisconsin had a waiting list of years for genetic evidence testing a couple years ago. How would they ever manage to check all dog shit found on a street? What a foolish waste of money. I don’t care if it is funded by fees either, it’s an unrealistic plan that will cost every owner money.

I’d never thought I’d say this…but, I agree with Ivan. Cities can be weird about dogs. Some LOVE them, and deregulate things to a point where many consider it to be unsanitary, such as dog-friendly cafe’s; others are psycho in the opposite direction and ban half the known breeds and do DNA testing. Both are wrong, imho but surely the money can be better spent elsewhere?

Dog owner.

Apparently the town of Vercelli has entirely too much cash lying around.

Yeah, people who don’t pick up after their dogs are annoying and inconsiderate. They also make the rest of us look bad. That’s why I not only pick up after my dogs, I’ll also pick up any errant piles I see lying around when the girls and I are out for a walk.

The idea of compiling a doggy DNA database and checking against dropping is just insane, though. I’m hoping this is just a bluff by the councilman to put some fear into the residents.

Non-dog owner, but work with them.

As a big-city liver, and well aware of poop miscreants everywhere, I carry a squished-up plastic bag in the bottom of my rucksack. It doesn’t take up much space. I offer it to anyone I see who’s dog drops a load and then starts to walk away. It confounds me they do this in the first place, but I just say, “Oh, hey, maybe you just forgot your bag at home, here use mine!” Usually, that really is the case and they’re embarrassed and grateful.

If they try to ignore me and keep going, I pick it up myself and then throw it at them.