cleaning neck trimmers

My neck trimmer at work keeps going dull. I have had it for under a year, yet other girls at work have had theirs for 3+ years and theirs are as sharp as ever.

I am meticulous about cleaning it. After each use I use a mini-brush that came with it, being careful to clean in the direction of the blades, not against them (the actual blades are protected, so I don’t think I am actually touching them, but I could be). I use the cleaning spray and clipper oil as directed. I had to unscrew it and get rid of any hair that built up in it last week.

So would using a brush on it as often as I do make it dull faster?

MaryAnn: a wild guess: other girls use expensive models, your lasts for a year, replace it (how much did you pay?, anyway) . Use a vacuum cleaner on it. Some models sold over mail-order, are better vibrators, than anything else.

Actually, it was an expensive model. I don’t get cheap stuff for work. And it is the same model most of them use.

Then try a powerfull vacuumcleaner (they probably use industrial strength at work, just fashion a narrow nozzle to it).