Clear, as crystal = bus?

I’m stumped. How does “bus” answer last weeks NYT crossword clue “clear, as crystal”? BU’s? B-US?? What am I missing?

I didn’t get it either, so I looked it up.

Think of it as clearing away crystal used when dining at a restaurant. Another term for this is bussing.

Yow. That’s a real stretch. But I get it. Thanks.

Not really a stretch, that’s why the comma is there, e.g. clear, as you would with crystal. It’s supposed to be ambiguous, you just have to run through all the possibilities of the word “clear.” Pretty common in NYT crosswords anyway. I might not get it right away, but once it did become clear (by solving the crossing words) I would say to myself “oh, yeah, of course.”

Agreed. It made sense to me when I saw the thread title. Maybe not everyone is familiar with the verb “to bus” (like what a busboy does)?

Or think of glasses as “crystal”.

This had better be a Saturday NYT puzzle. It’s just barely legitimate; busboys clear glasses and dishes, not crystal. Is “crystal” going to be the new NYT buzzword for glasses, just as when you see the word “shoot” it always means photography and “oil” always means paintings?

Nope. Last Sunday.