Cleveland chubby chasers

This article in the weekly Cleveland Scene describes men who pursue overweight women for sex, apparently because they’re easier than what they consider to be more attractive women.

Kinda’ sad.

Wow…just wow.

I’m wondering … how can one get aroused in an encounter with someone that you’re not physically attracted to? Isn’t there any guilt about using someone like that? How do the subject women feel?

Very sad. I actually had a guy try to pick me up once, where it was obvious he thought I’d be interested in him, because I must be desperate (because I’m fat). He said something along the lines of “You’re very pretty. I guess you don’t hear that much” to which I replied, “Only when my husband tells me, which is fairly often”. Unable to tell when his foot was deep enough in his mouth, he continued, “Oh. Was your husband disappointed when you gained weight after the wedding? I wouldn’t have been. I like big women”, and again, a truthful reply was the best: “I’ve actually lost weight since our wedding 4 years ago. But I’d be willing to bet your dick hasn’t gotten any bigger in that time period”. Knowing a good parting shot when I take one, I walked away after that, and never looked back.

Related story: I was working for a dating service, in the department that handled the actual “matching”. A man called, upset about his last few introducitons. They were all too fat. I listened patiently, sympathized, asked what I could do to improve the situation, etc. etc. Finally, he said “You know what I’d really like? I’d really like to meet someone like you”, “Oh, no, sir, I’m sure you wouldn’t like me”. “Oh, yes,” he said, “I like you very much! Are you by any chance single?” “Well, no, as a matter of fact, I’m not single. And I also weigh well over 250 pounds” (all in my sweetest voice, natch). Long silence. “Oh. You must think I’m a real asshole!” “Oh, no, sir” (still sweetest voice), “but if you feel like one right now, I can certainly understand that. Have a good day, and I’ll work on your file for you”.

The article makes it pretty clear that most of the guys doing this don’t much care how the women feel. But I know who the real pigs are!:rolleyes:

He’s a far uglier human being than any overweight woman.

I feel I should say something here, but I’m speechless.

Come on, this was clearly written to produce reactions of shocked disgust. The article is pretty much based on one guy, his roommate, and maybe a friend or two of theirs. The story implies that “hogging” is a well-known term, and a common social activity. I’ve never heard of it before, and I betcha nobody else on the board has, either.

Not that the article wasn’t interesting, but I don’t think its evidence of a wide social trend by any means.

I just want to point out that there is a difference between “chubby chasing,” which is seeking out women (or men) who are large/overweight/fat because one actually is attracted to them (among gay men there’s a lt of overlap between “chubby chasing” and “bears”) and this “hogging” thing which is just gross.

I would, but it’s the wrong forum for what I have to say.

When you turn off the lights, its just perfume and personality.

I’ve certainly heard of the term, and for years. Most if not all the guys I know are familiar with the term.

Lousy behavior, but it’s not exactly a new trend.

Otto, thank you for pointing out that important distinction! As a large, attractive woman, I’ve been approached by “chubby chasers”, but wasn’t interested in them, because I always thought I wanted someone who appreciated me for my inner beauty, not what was visible on the outside. But, there is a huge (no pun intended) between chubby chasers and “hogging”, which is just sickening!

I’ve had a lot of similar experiences, norinew. As if I’m supposed to be so grateful for the slightest crumb of attention I’ll not notice how moronic they are.

Preferences are fine, everyone has them, but anyone who only dates a type instead of individuals sorta weirds me out.

I remember pig fridays. And I am still friends with a couple of them. Looking back, they were far safer than the Ally McBeal types who probably gave me a STD. Has anyone heard of the ugly girl personality, they rock.

:smiley: You’re amazing. Could you please breed, often. We need more of you around. :smiley:

Its the truth. I left out Performance because of Subjectivity.

It’s still talking, aphrodisiac! Make it stop! :frowning: