Cleveland/Northeast Ohio Dopefest: Saturday, June 3 2006

As discussed in this thread, the 2006 Burning River Dopefest is going to be held in my backyard in South Euclid, Ohio (east suburban Cleveland, near Notre Dame College) at 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 3, starting at 5:00 PM. I’ll have the grill fired up, hot dogs and hamburgers ready for human consumption, tens of varieties of microbrewed beer and real ales in the fridge, and pop for the teetotalers. Later on, a bonfire in the woods beyond the back yard. (It’s still my property, so we’re legal.) Bring your wireless-enabled laptops.

If you’re interested, send me an email for directions and more details.

I’m still planning on attending.

Hm. I may be in Detroit at that time. How far of a drive would it be?

According to a basic Detroit to Cleveland search on Mapquest, right around 3 hours.
I’m tentative - the summer weekend schedule isn’t set yet. I should know in the next week or so.

Yeah, I’m an idiot. I could/should have looked it up. It was half laziness, half wanting personal anecdotes about how long it REALLY takes or if there are construction delays.
Bad Trevor. BAD TREVOR!


Nah, it’s just my reference librarian nature, tied in with the competitive nature - I see a question and part of me says “must answer immediately, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE CAN!!!”
ok, I should have had less caffeine today.

Now back to the regularly scheduled thread.

Is that so?

Well then…I DO wonder what the state flower of Ohio is…
And I’ve just been DYING to know what the governmor of the state of Ohio’s name is…

Bad Trevor!

For the last 8 years, so have we.

3 hours is about right for Detroit to Cleveland–depending on where in Detroit and where in Cleveland.

It also depends on how the traffic is through the I-280 corridor in Toledo (where they are (re)building a bridge and freeway from scratch) or what sort of issues you may find on the freeways around Detroit or Cleveland.

Michigan Highway Projects
Michigan Weather and Highway Problem links

Ohio Construction and Traffic links

Muchos gracias, amigo. You beat the research librarian, I’m impressed.

That’s because the librarian is at work and has to occasionally answer reference questions, particularly in this, the last week of classes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Three weeks from yesterday. I’ll be there. Hopefully this rain that we’ve got right now and all next week will be over.

Still planning to come, and looking forward to it - thanks, elmwood!

And the not-so-Honorable Bob Taft is, alas, still Governor of Ohio:

…while the state flower is the scarlet carnation:

And I’m not even a research librarian!

Forget that. I-280 is entirely closed over the Maumee River and will be until early fall. Least Original User Name Ever should take I-75 south out of Detroit (where construction delays should be minimal on a Saturday) to the I-80/90 turnpike just south of Toledo. East on the turnpike towards Cleveland. I don’t think there are any significant construction projects on the turnpike between here and Cleveland.

What, you couldn’t have held the Dopefest this coming weekend, when auntie em and I’ll be in town? :wink:

Stupid world. Doesn’t revolve around me, after all.

Only three confirmed so far. Anyone?

I will be there, as promised I’ll bring an appetizer.


C’mon Grizzrich, you missed the last one.

The turnpike is a toll road - Toledo to Cleveland will cost about 4 bucks.

Maybe I should just post a link to the directions. Besides, if any crazy folks really wanted to know where I lived, they could find out easily enough.