NE Ohio DopeFest on Sat. April 13

BMalion has graciously agreed to host it at his home on the West Side of Cleveland. All are welcome. Tentative start time is 6:30pm.

Who’s in?

I’ll be there…!

Count me as a maybe…

I’m there.

Put me down as a maybe. I’ll check back in.

I’ll need a ride there.
Oh, wait.
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Same here. Have to see about a babysitter. But a night with adults sounds quite nice.

It does, and it is.

Coincidentally, I was driving through Ohio yesterday and I was thinking I only live a few hours away from Cleveland and I should visit the city. I was thinking more along the lines of this summer but this is a good reason to give me a push.

If I get a job or win the lotto before April 12 I’ll be there so probably not. :frowning: Sorry to miss it.

We’ll miss you.

Kittenblue, cooie!

I’ll try to make it this time, even though it’s on the west side. (It’s impossible to get west siders to come to the east side. Damn pussies.)

Hey! We went to 2 Dopefest, no 3 on the Eastside.

Next one’s in Parma…

What’s the drive time from Cincinnati to Cleveland? 6 hours?

Count me as a maybe until I get home and can check my DayRunner. Be good to see Sam and folks and to visit my losings.


Wow, not only can I make it, but I can probably even get there myself without having to beg a ride. “West side of Cleveland” as in the city itself, not one of the western suburbs?

Kamm’s Corners. Waa-Hooo!