Cleveland/NE Ohio Dopefest '07

Time for another get-together, I’d say. Elmwood was kind enough to host us last time at his home in leafy, suburban South Euclid. Would he like us back, or should we meet elsewhere? I’m in! What say you?

Sometime in late May, maybe, before it gets too hot?

Anywhere, any time. Hey, didn’t OpalCat say she might be moving to Cleveland? If she is, it would be great to have it after she gets here, to welcome her to the neighborhood.

Since I missed last year’s, I’d love to play this year! :smiley: I’d offer to host it in Canton, but I have a seriously tiny backyard, and I’m not sure anyone wants to trek all the way to Canton.


I think elmwood really looks forward to hosting the party, so no need to offer to host it elsewhere :slight_smile:

Oh, can I come?! I am a virgin, so I don’t think I get to vote, but I am up for anything. And I do think OpalCat is moving here sometime in the spring last I heard.

Is there a list of NEO dopers somewhere? I’ve alway been kind of curious how many live around these parts.

Well, I’m one more NEOHer…

Here’s last year’s thread, which should supply some familiar usernames:

Me, too!

Me too, and if at all possible I’d love to come!

I’ll be glad to host it, although my house will be even more of a construction zone than before. That’s okay - we’ll be spending most of our time outside. :slight_smile: Besides, I’m already collecting da beers.

I’ll see if I can make it this time!

I’m moving up over the summer. I should be there by the end of July, but the weekend in July I already have plans and the weekend after that is my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. I HOPE to be moving up more like the middle/end of June, but we’ll see how it goes.

I always say I might come to these things, and I never seem too (I’m in Youngstown, for those who don’t know).
But I’m likely moving out of the area sometime late this spring/early summer, so I may be a complete no go. Just don’t know the dates yet.

Have we a date yet?

Count me in. May is good. I hope there’s no snow.

Sounds like fun to me.

Saturday, May 5th?

Doesn’t look like I could make it on Sat. May 5. Hmmm. How about Sat. April 28 (a week earlier), or Sat. May 19?

Thanks, elmwood, for your willingness to host again. What kind of construction are we talkin’ about here?

Tearing out moulding and flooring in the front part of the house, mostly. I’m slowly fixing the previous owner’s lousy DIY work, and it’s going to be a couple of years before it’s all finished. In the meantime, the backyard is good to go; I still have some spring cleaning to do, though.

Either of those work for me. May 5th is out (b-day party for a munchkin) and I’ll be in Florida for a family wedding on the 12th/13th.

Are small people invited, or should we book the grandparents for the event?