Clever headline: Don't put Descartes before the bourse

In this morning’s paper in an article about recent calls from the leadership of the new government for French people to stop thinking and start doing:

Don’t put Descartes before the bourse, French told

It’s probably not original, but it made me chuckle.

BION I came in here to post that exact headline … !

Old joke: A midget psychic goes on a criminal rampage, is arrested and jailed. He breaks out that night. The next day, the headlines scream, “Short medium at large!”

After a weekend huddle, the city government announces new funding for the ailing transportation system. Headline: SICK TRANSIT’S GLORIOUS MONDAY.

Bike magazine, sometime in the Eighties, had a couple of doozies:

A guy modifies a racing sidecar outfit to make it road-legal. SLUNG LOW STREET CHARIOT.
Four dudes from Newcastle-upon-Tyne with mean Harleys. HOG ON THE TYNE.
And many years later, in the paper (can’t remember which one) as Surrey County Cricket Club close in on the Championship title: SURREY WITH THE BINGE ON TAP.