Click here to see Dubya in a dress.

Methinks the NYT may have done this on purpose, but it’s mildly amusing. Or not. Either way.

No way that’s an accident. :slight_smile:

Is there a link to the pic where we don’t have to register?

Here ya go.

And that’s not a dress – it’s a skirt. Silly goose.

What a large air vent that must be.

Oh, dear sweet Jebus.

Can anybody see up to his petticoats under there?

Does he have to make the ‘Heil Hitler’ salute on the 4th of July? Maybe Hitler used his right hand, so this is like an Anti-Heil Hitler salute.

I think it’s wonderful that we live in the one country where a 59 year old Republican man can still get the role of Laurie in the biggest revival yet of Oklahoma (and they say his duet of People Will Say We’re in Love with Ted Kennedy will bring tears to your eyes).

Close but no cigar. The Nazi salute is at a straight 45 degree angle. His arm is too relaxed for a nazi salute. That and his hand is vertical, making it more of a wave.(If he had put the hand pointed down, it would be a gay nazi salute).

And he’s standing behind something that has a big flag draped over it, though it took me a while to tell.

Thank goodness HPL explained that Dubya wasn’t *actaully * wearing a dress! :slight_smile:

Next time, remember BugMeNot.Com.

That is priceless.

And that he wasn’t actually giving the Nazi salute (especially with Mussolini clearly visible over Bush’s left shoulder).


He’s so purdy in that there frilly dress.

Does this mean his stand on gay marrage has changed?

I can hear Bush now: “That’s no dress. heh heh heh heh. I was makin a speech to the popu,… popli,… the the general pubic. Even if I was wearin a dress, that’s just what the terrorists want you to believe. I mean, you know, they hate our freedom. Ask the people who died on 9/11 if they mind if I wear a dress, which I wern’t. God bless my dress, which I weren’t a wearin”

I saw this this morning, too, and emailed it to all my friends.

I mean, c’mooooooooooooooon!!! Who at the NYT did NOT notice that???

Obviously I’m not the only one with a 10-year-old’s sense of humor…