Clinton to Tour Internet-poor areas

That’s a real headline. So, I’m wondering if he’s going to be handing out Palm Pilots to the homeless.

Gore is going to Assboink, ID for an internet tent revival where he’ll tell nose picking yahoos about the POWER if the Internet, Thank You Jesus!

Next, a designer Nike challenged tour followed by trip through the underdeveloped golf course circuit.


I don’t think Clinton is going anywhere for awhile.

How’d you get a hold of this thread, Inigo?

wtf is up? :confused:

title says Clinton, OP says Gore.

It’s from the last election anyway.

Well, if you’re determined to slam Clinton, anything remotely Clinton-esque (his wife, his daugther, his veep, his dead dog) is to be considered as poisonous as the whole.

His name is Inigo Montoya.
He resurrected a thread from five years ago.
Prepare to die.

What the hell? This thread deservedly died an unremarkable death when it was posted five years ago.

What attracted you to it?

Yeah, hurry up and tell us why you revived this before they close it! I’m very curious.

The OP posted 258 times, the last being on 4-17-2000. A cursory scroll reveals nothing spectacular that would lead to a no reply OP being revived.

Tell us, Inigo!

What the hell…cite.

Maybe he just wanted to screw [with] the OP?

Ha ha I just had a fit and choked on some ice cream. This thread is pure mischief if you ask me.

It’s just before a long holiday weekend on top of people being addled by election frenzy but c’mon already. Bumping a five year old thread, with no more comment than, “Cite?”
Inigo, don’t do this again. 1. Have a point to make, 2. quote a particularly pithy part of an old thread if it bolsters your point but 3. link to it, don’t bump the whole danged thing. It isn’t fair to the hamsters or Dopers.


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